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Blue Bell is My Favorite — My Alphabe-Thursday — "N" — Things in a Row — Two Questions —

I'm not sure how to make an "N" out of this picture.  "O" yes, for Ouch.  "A" for Accident or "W" for Wreck and that is what happened to us last night. 
Our Interstate, I-45 north of Houston, is under construction and our entrance was on to a two lane portion.  We were dumped on and the three cars ahead of us had to stop for heavy traffic on the Interstate.  I stopped also behind these, about two car lengths back so I could ease on to the highway when those ahead had gotten on.
The pickup truck behind us was coming fast and did not stop until after plowing into us.  Our car is a mess, the police said it would probably be totalled.  The wrecker driver who took us home with the car in tow thought it would be fixable.
Oh yes, Mrs. Jim and I are sore but probably are okay.  We will see in the morning.  I am sure we will be stiff.  My chin hit the steering wheel and bled a little and my neck is some sore.  The EMT's took us into the ambulance and checked us out.  We declined going to the hospital. 
No, "N" today is for Naughty.  I am Naughty because I had my letters mixed up and posted for "I."  Maybe I could blame the accident for this but at any rate, I will leave the rest of the post for "I's."
My I would have been for ice cream. Blue Bell Ice Cream made in a little creamery in Brenham, Texas. The delivery truck drivers eat all they can and then sell the rest.
These cartons were at our local H.E.B. sale last night. I knew Ice or Ice Cream would be my "I" letter and were glad we could go. Even though our dog food, kitty litter, and a pack of strawberries were in the trunk of our car that could no longer be opened.
— The display sales freezer full of Blue Bell Ice Cream was posted here especially for Pat's Things in a Row. .
— I posted for Alphabe-Thursday 'N' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find her by clicking here.
Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Self Sagacity for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)
My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):

1. What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor? 
Mine used to be Blue Berry Pecan Pralines and Cream.  That was until I had to start watching my cholesterol more closely.

2. What is your most remembered or most interesting Ice Cream eating memory?
I remember eating with a wooden spoon out the the little Dixie cups in which ice cream was frozen.  This was most often at our country school when a picnic where the community was invited.  I think the ice cream was donated.
Bonus Question: Do you have a favorite brand of ice cream?  What is so good about it?
Blue Bell of course for us in Texas and surrounding states.  It goes as far north now as Missouri.
A Funny:  The young man who plowed into us said he was worried because we had KP's car seat in the car and he was afraid we were hauling a baby.  Then said we could have been his grandparents.

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Hope you and your wife are both OK.

Just a thought - this would be a very apt photo for Carmi's behind theme.
That's a shame Jim! From what I see it was quite an impact. It is a mess! Extremely glad nothing untoward happened to you and Mrs Jim. And you took it very well.

NO!!! That is the first word that came into my head when I saw your car! So, that certainly is an N post. Thankfully you and your wife are okay.

Ice cream ?? I would have to say favorite would be the banana ice cream that I just taste this week - made from REAL bananas. It was delicious.

Best memory was making ice cream with a hand crank machine when I was a little girl. It was lots of work but so much fun.

Oh No! Are Mrs Jim and you feeling ok now? Please look out for any discomfort. All thanks be to God for protecting both of you.
Hope that your wife and you are fine. That's a really nasty accident.
Oh gosh! That looks like a pretty bad wreck! From what I've heard, you have 24 hours from an accident to go to the hospital to be checked over for insurance to cover you. Don't know if that's true or not, but it really would be better if the two of you get checked out.

My husband buys this ice cream that is out of this world. It's called something like French Salted Caramel by Safeway. TO DIE FOR.

My mother used to eat the melted ice cream from the top of the container when she got home from grocery shopping. I do the same thing - only I have to wrestle my husband and actually SHARE with him!
Oh my -- I'm so glad y'all weren't seriously hurt. Hope your car can get better though!
I'm in Texas too and LOVE Blue Bell! How about Moolenium Crunch!
Gee, I'm happy you & Mrs. Jim are ok. As for your car...I just don't know about that one. Looks like it's not a fixer to me.

Ice cream & naughty go hand-in-hand, if you ask me. But, I just love the stuff! We have Blue Bell here now & it's terrific stuff. We buy this brand 99% of the time.

My favorite ice cream is probably Ben & Jerry's Coffee, Coffee, Buzz, Buzz. We can't buy it in the grocery store, but it use to be available at the local B&J before it closed. I was so sad to see them go, too! :(

Great post! Take care. My prayers are with you guys!
Glad you and Mrs. Jim are okay. Car looks awful though.

1. Coffee Lovers Ice Cream from Cold Stone.

2. My parents would buy the five gallon container of ice cream when we were kids. My sister and I would grab a spoon and help ourselves. We almost got caught one afternoon and left the spoons in the ice cream. When mom and dad asked if we wanted ice cream after dinner that night my sister and I said no because they would find the spoons. We got the spoons out the next morning.

3. Ben and Jerry's is my favorite.

Have a terrific day. :)
Ohmygoodness.... I'm so glad you are okay! I can hardly breathe to look at it.

But, how kind of you to temper it with thoughts of ice cream, something i love far too dearly. My favorite? It would be like choosing a favorite child! I am currently loving salty sweet flavors and Red Velvet swirls.
OH dear! How dreadful! I do hope you and Mrs. Jim truly are OK.
Oh dear friend that car looks awful - you and your wife must be shaken up. I am so very very sorry! Nasty.

Let's see my favorite brand of ice cream is Edy's and Breyer's. My favorite flavor is Spumoni and Chocolate.

Praise God you two were alright.
I am glad to hear you are both ok. You should be have your necks checked out because a lot of times you have problems down the road. Always good to have it documented.

Was the "N"incompoop that hit you ok too?

Hey, have you ever tried no Sugar added Klondyke bars? They are good too! Enjoy that ice cream.~Ames
So glad you ditched the Word Verification. I don't like it and I just had to try 3 times to leave a comment because of those silly letters and numbers. I almost said the heck with it and moved on without commenting but I didn't because the girl always leaves such nice comments on my blog.~Ames
I got it! The N is for neck! Hope your neck is ok, and your wife too. What a wreck!

I love coffee ice cream. Haagan Daz. {:-Deb
oh gees! that is really bad news, getting hit from behind. i had this little honda, and the are took so many hits from the back from people not slowing down in time, i am thinking it has a doomed fate to be a target car...though it isn't red.
my son was in a car problem tonight before I settled on your post. I remember having car problems in my teen years, it was a pain. everything stops and the attention goes to getting the piece of metal in working condition again. hope your insurance or his insurance will cover for everything it will cost you. do have yourself check out in a week or two, sometimes injuries from car accidents show much later, but I am sure you know that already
OH Jim!
Thank God y'all okay! Seems you are taking it in strides.

Fave ice cream: Moollennium crunch :)

2. I always want to eat in a cone. A little cone. I remember rarely getting one as a child and it was such a delight. I try again to capture this feeling.

3. Not really. I just buy the flavor I want to try or the one that I already love.

Please take care Jim and your wife.
Hey! I remember those little ice cream cups with the wooden spoons! And we have Blue Bell here in Brunswick, Ga. There's some in my freezer--Dutch chocolate, as a matter of fact!

I hope you don't suffer any residual pain from the accident! That car really does look totaled!!
N is for nasty, like your wreck...and nummy like your ice cream!!
Heck! A pickup truck of all things...
Your guardian angel was working hard to extricate you unharmed from that lot. My son totalled my classic MGB GT V8 but bought it back from the insurers after the payout and re-built it (he's an engineer)and sold it on for twice what I'd paid for it!

Ice-cream: I second that nomination of Caramel ice-cream salé - mine is made and home delivered by Thiriet
OMG how awful! So relieved you are both okay. If you were driving a modern small car- you would be mince meat by now! Let me think about the ice cream question....
1. What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor?

2. What is your most remembered or most interesting Ice Cream eating memory?
Having ice cream as a treat every birthday when growing up- and then getting my sons an ice cream cake on their birthdays.
Bonus Question: Do you have a favorite brand of ice cream?
Hagen Daz Yummy yum. Not good for my cholesterol, but so sinful!
Oh Jim! I'm glad this ended as well as it did.

Cars can be replaced!

Ice cream, however, cannot!

Thanks for a nifty link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter 'N'.

Oh my it looks like you took a really hard hit. I'm glad to hear you are both okay. Your poor car looks like it is not doing so well. Maybe the estimator will have good news.

Dryer's used to make a really fantastic Pralines & Cream but I haven't seen it in awhile. Now if I buy ice cream it's usually the fat free frozen yogurt.

I like Ben & Jerry's and Dryers but I don't buy either very often.

Sorry to show up so late. The end of last week and the weekend got really busy.

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