Saturday, August 18, 2012

KP Rocks — Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words:
A new star lying in wait?
We can see that she is not 'lying' any place.  This is our granddaughter, KP, and she is at the airport and is STANDING on an air conditioning register with the air blowing upward from her feet to the top strand of hair.
It reminds me a bit of another, a movie star, who early in her career was standing on an upward blowing air duct in the street below her.  KP wants to be a 'rock star' and knows all the words to the "I Want to Be a Rock Star" song.
Want to guess who that movie star blowing with the wind was?
Why was KP here?  As she put it, "I am going home!"  Her plane would leave for London in about two hours and fifteen minutes.  That was 'on schedule.'  Actually her plane was thirty plus minutes late in leaving.
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When's that 1st album coming out? Cute kid.
She's a cutie! I know you have enjoyed her visit!

Happy Saturday!
that is a very cute picture! :)

the movie star was M. M.
(cant's spell) :(
What a cutie!
oh that was Marilyn! Your photo if KP is stellar- what a cute granddaughter! She will make you proud what ever she does!
Thanks for sharing this photo. A nice start to our weekend!
So cute!

Absolutely! Reach for the stars, if youy've got it, flaunt it... I can think of lots of apt sayings.
She's a little trooper!
MM is a hard act to follow.I'm sure the ambitions will change a zillion times before she grows up.

Lovely pictures. I could do with a spot of that air conditioning right now. I am wearing the touches-only-on-the-shoulders dress - unaccustomed as we are to heat.
WOW she is adorable! I bet you guys are going to miss her... but the house is probably a lot quieter!
Have a great weekend!
She is so adorable!

Does she speak with an English accent?

The text was readable today, thank you.
It was Marilyn of course.

KP is adorable times two. Grand kids rock and then some. I have two and a great grandchild. Love them all to pieces.

Have a terrific day. :)
MM of do the 'darndest' things....
Ahh she looks so cute :-) she must've had such a adventure coming over to see you.Bet she will have a tale to tell when she goes back to school.And I bet you will sure miss her
Such a little doll! I bet she's got Grandpa wrapped right around her finger! I love the exuberance for life children display at that age! I hope you had a wonderful time together! She was lucky if the plane left only a half-hour behind schedule, nowdays even later is the norm.
Move over Marilyn. She is far cuter than you were!
It was MM, yes! She had so much to live for, pity!

Let's challenge the future. Your little cutie has the whole world in front of her. Every best wishes for a great future!

Ah Marilyn Monroeish :) Darling little girl!!
What an absolute Cutie Pie!

How does one "follow" you? I wish you had a Follow By Email or something!

McGuffy's Reader
Okay my six words:

You have a gorgeous sweet granddaughter!

Hi Jim ~~ Thank you for your comments and glad you liked the blonde man jokes for a change. I see you agree with Granny Annie about the sign story I posted, but what a day to commemorate the Iman Ali. I am glad he was a good guy and not a terroist. It was wrong of that business man to leave the sign that he did, but then he took it down Caused a lot of upset and confusion.

Fluff and I are still going well. She is a cute little doggie,
Your granddaughter is pretty clever for her age and a lovely little girl.
Take good care my friend,
Cheers, Merle.
KP is very clever and pretty :)

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