Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thematic Photographic 208 - Grey / MidWeek Blues / My Alphabe-Thursday — "M" —

The Tiger Grey Cat
Tiger Grey ran the land
like the proverbial sailor
he had a 'friend' in every port
He never missed a meal
Tiger Grey became big and fat
More ways than one he was Fat Cat
To keep his peace of mind
Tiger Grey moved to the pet house
neighbors liked his way with the mouse
He cleaned up Lego town
retired they all gave him his due
that's Mayor Tiger Grey to you
- - - - - -

"M" is for Meow, the wonderful sound of a cat.  This one is a sweetheart that I discovered at the children's playground while outing with our three-year-old- granddaughter at the park.

Cats can only speak in Meow language that humans must learn if one is to have a cat.  If spoken urgently the cat may hurt or be hungry or it might not be able to find the new location where its litter box has been moved.

Spoken with a gentle purr, it likes you or what you are doing.  Better rub its tummy some more or pet it if you aren't doing that right now.  Also mind the purring while its asking in sweet begging-toned Meow words, "please let me sit on your lap."
- - - - - -
Poem and Photo Copyright
© 2012  Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

The Pet House and the Resident House were both made of Legos.  I found these in the Lego store window front.

- - - - -.
Carmi, from "Written Inc blog" says "Grey" is the word!
Rebecca runs the MIdWeek Blues meme over here (click) .
This week my blue item is the PETS sign and the BLUE awning.
Jenny, our Alphabe-Thursday Teacher runs her school here (click) .

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Very well done Jim. I like this.

I would have done something on the color of my hair. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)
Thanks for your comment on my interpretation! :-) I guess grey cats are just as common as Morris (the cat-Friskie's 9 lives )... I had a tuxedo cat years before Kalei...She has green eyes.. does yours?
Cool cat. Those are better-than-average stripes.
Nice kitty, Jim!

Jim - you can eliminate a bunch of the spam by changing the settings to refuse anonymous posts. I did that and haven't had a single spam comment since.

Cute cat - looks like he could be the brother to my two.
We have the clone of your kitty today. Great gray tabby.

The poem was perfect for the theme.
I am not a "cat person"...but I have to tell ya, your's is a cutie.
That was a beautiful cat -- for a cat - lol - I am more of a dog person! Sorry. I bet you are having fun with your granddaughter.

The cat is really cute.
I'm using wordpress and there is SPAM control plugins so it reduces the SPAM tremendously.
The tiger grey is one of my favorite cat colors. The tuxedo and the marmelade the others. Your little guy is surely one fine example of a grey. A little fat cat indeed!
Wow! Fun poem and love the photos ~ especially of 'fat cat' ~ (A Creative Harbor)
great M post, don't know much about cats but this one looks very active.

hope you have a great day & thanks for your visit.
Jim, adorable cat and fun poem! Hope you have a great day!
The lego pet store made me smile--my daughter's friend and her brother just assembled that exact one! It's really cool!

Cats also communicate a lot with their eyes. If you look at a cat with you eyes mostly closed, they'll return the favor back at you. It's really fun to do!
Great photo
Pretty Kitty! We have a cat, not so friendly. He keeps to himself most of the time.
Now there's a cat who's just asking for a hug. Who wouldn't love a sweetie like this?

Sigh...I miss my gato.
Hahaha - gorgeous! Your post just brought a smile to my lips. I love cats and I actually speak the meow-language, too! LOL
What a magnificently meow-y link for the letter 'M'.

These stripey cats are always my favorite.

And your links are always one of my favorite visits each week!

Thanks for sharing.


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