Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thematic Photographic 209 - From behind

From behind here refers to getting in back of
your subject and taking the picture.
These four pictures all have vehicles of which I have taken their backsides.  The first three also have the backside of a human being.
The occasion for the first three was the July 4 (2012) Marines Parade at the Woodlands, Texas.  The Woodlands is a planned community suburb just north of Houston.
There were a lot more former Marines, many of which are retired, than active duty ones.
Here are a couple of Fords' backsides.  On the left is a 1951 Ford Club Coupe which participated in the parade along with its owner, a retired Marine.  Did you notice that I caught a couple of human backs in this picture. 
The other car is a black 1950 Ford Convertible that belongs to my friend.  Both have been rescued and restored. (You can click on any picture for a larger view.) I drove two retired Marines in my 1998 Ford Mustang GT Convertible also and was following the car in the top photo (picture link)
Carmi, from "Written Inc blog" says "shot from behind" is the word for the week!

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I don't think I've seen a 50 convertible from Ford.
But I guess I'm not enamored by that model so I probably wasn't paying attention.
Taking pictures of backsides is dangerous stuff usually.
Those are cool-looking cars!

(And the people are fine, too...I'm not one to ruffle feathers.)

I'll take that Mercedes. Pretty. I'm a Mercedes kind of gal.

Have a terrific day. :)
Rock on with all these super from behind photos...they are awesome, the first one is really funny, if only the left guy wore red pants too! Great from behind....it looked like a very interesting parade and car show!
Those are great pictures and it was for a great occasion. sandie
Looks like a fun parade. Your old cars are also fantastic.

You had some great shots for this theme.

Thanks for your visit to my "from Behind" shots.

Jim I commented on your next post of your wrecked car before I saw these - a much happier collection from behind.
All I can think of when I see these pictures is how they're more art than anything else. What a golden age of car design that was.

I love a good parade, especially one that honors those who served. Beautiful on so many levels, and such a great way to celebrate this week's theme!

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