Monday, September 17, 2012


After harvesting state law required the Dictaphone player be placed on maximum speed.

Tommy, the best cranker, was given the duty this year. Ground up books, yummy!

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°Grandma of Succinctly Yours Week 78
gives these directions:
°Use the photo as inspiration for a story of 140 characters OR 140 words or less.

°Word of the Week, 'harvest', and picture prompt were furnished by Grandma.


That graphic is way creepy. I think school indoctrinate our kids anyway and this just screams the same.

Have a terrific day Jim. My best to Mrs. Jim. :)
A hard job for him. Nice one.
Jim who picks out these pictures?

Oops! Sorry if your readers didn't like my picture selection. I thought it was kind of funny.

I could relate to your story. Some of my school years felt like I'd have to grind up all the books in order to digest them. :D

I like your idea of the contraption being a dictatphone, Jim. Those boys are getting a whole lot of information quickly! I hope they can remember it all.
I suppose he could always put 'The Best Cranker' on his resume. LOL

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