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Two Shoes Tuesday #1 / the June Bug Era


 Two Shoes Tuesday #1

Two Shoes Tuesday information: 
Josie is the boss and so please read her introduction and first set of instructions:
"Here it is... our first official round of Two Shoes Tuesday... a place to share what we enjoy doing most... writing! Each week I'll provide a one-word writing prompt and ask you to share a short story, poem, essay, thought, or photo relating to that topic. (I'll post the writing prompt for the coming week on Saturdays to give you time to work on your post.)
Today's writing prompt is "SHOES"
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 - - - - -
So my writing starts:
Knowns, truths, and untruths:

Six worker June bugs

they died on the job, making a tunnel through the rock wall

why do five out of six June bugs die laying (lying) on their backs with their fat stomachs straight up?

Research on this matter might find a cure for cancer or aids. Who knows? Perhaps the cool-aid drinkers (Bill O'Reilly term) will pick up the cause.

All insects have three pairs of legs.
That means each June bug must wear three pairs of shoes.
These workers were not wearing shoes.

- - - - - -

Once upon a time the land was invaded by hordes of June bugs.  These bugs quickly overtook the human race and most of the animals.  A few animals they trained for manual labor tasks.  But when the animals died of an epidemic, the June bugs had to fend on their own.
They had always been jealous of the human's ability to travel.  Very quickly they developed automobile transportation.  Their vehicles were modeled after the Tootsie Toy fleet vehicles.  Most every boy and many of the girls had scads of these little toy cars, all of which were converted to become the first iteration of electric motor transportation.
These electric vehicles called the Bugs' Bug had become popular almost overnight.  They had discovered that the German built Volkswagen Bug was called the People's Car and now they had their own which they dearly loved.
But with the onslaught of the newly built Bugs' Bugs models a problem surfaced, one that seemed insurmountable.  There were no Tootsie Toy Bug's Bug sized roads.  They could not tear down the people's houses and buildings and it would take too long to go around them all.  And of course they could not go over.
Tunneling must be done so the Bugs could go under and through these monster-like existing structures.  They had not yet developed jack hammers and hydraulics so manual labor was the order. 
The Bugs had not heard the old saying, "this is killing us!"  But with their vegetarian diet they lacked the ability to work hard all day chiseling away at the rocks and stones and other structural materials.  They died by the millions, generally a work crew of six at a time.
They lacked the ability to bury their dead or to cremate.  Soon the plague took over the land and they all died off.  No longer did they die six at a time but now by the kazilions.  Most all laying on their backs, naked with no shoes; according to statistics, five out of six always die that way.
Time will tell, who if anyone will gain control of the earth. 

Will God see fit to recreate man?  If so, will he be the new improved model? 

Author's note: The real answer to that last question is NO.  By God's definition, man is made in the image of God.  [Genesis 1:27 -- "So God created man in His own image; He created him in the image of God; He created them male and female."]

Bug Picture and Story Copyright © 2012 Jimmiehov - All Rights Reserved  

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Jim, you are one very creative guy! I wish I could sit down & chat with you over a big ol' glass of sweet tea! Great to see you here! Hope to get to know you better!
I love the reference to June bugs, my 2 youngest are June babies and they call themselves the June Bugs, they lie with their feet in the air just to give dear ol mom a scare and have no worries or cares until I ask them to come here!!! They've been tunneling again so I have to whack them with the paper not a pretty sight....but your story was very enjoyable :)
I am so sure that a bugs' world exists in the summertime! They do seem to rule! This story has unnerving possibility in some sci fi future!
This was absolutely delightful Jim, and a truly funny play on "shoes". Your source of inspiration was indeed unique and you took it to new levels. The more I read the more I laughed... just wonderful... THANKS!!
Very well done Jim. An excellent take on shoes.

Have a terrific day. :)
Hello Jim what an absolutely wonderful blog! Love the June bugs and the story excellent play for the shoes prompt! I look forward to more of your publications!
this was very interesting Jim! Look forward to more!
June bugs! I've learnt something new from your blog, Dr Jim :) Thank you.
Loved the story. Very creative. I am not fond of bugs but you did make the bugs in your story seem likable :)
Love this... June Bugs... yucky!!!
What a creative blend of June bugs and truth!

Love this post. Will certainly visit again!!!
LOL! Nice story. Is that really what june bugs do to our brick walls? Lol! I liked the electric Tootsie Toy Bugs bug, very funny!
: )
Good story - but when I see bugs first thing - PHEW!

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