Saturday, October 20, 2012

— Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words:

[We're visiting in London for a bit]
It's Time for "Youngest Granddaughter Update"
KP in her Fall pre-kindergarten school uniform
She is three plus now, time flies

Waving goodbye to Mimi who is upstairs waving out the window
Uniform for this day is PE Dress

KP was so happy to see her Mimi Wednesday
(our plane arrived in the morning while she was in school)
We met them at her school and
she skipped all the way home

This is a bird's nest that KP made in school this week for the letter "N" (nest)
It is sitting in a predominate location waiting for the little birdies to hatch out
Please don't worry about the eggs hatching.  We aren't.

The ingredients for her creation:

Molten chocolate
Six candy chocolate candy coated bird eggs
Ample amount of corn flakes cereal
One small aluminum baking pan

Comment returns may be a bit late, we are visiting Portobello Road today. 
Doing Markets and Eating.  Promise I'll do my best.
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Yummy nest. But if you eat the nest, you're homeless! Nice uniforms.
I was in pre K once. I believe Pre-K was invented that same year. I,too, once created a nest to learn a letter, but it was for the letter "P" (for Pterodactyl).

Now my great-grandchildren are grandparents.

Snap same here- ours is 3 and a half- started at her Nursery school 2 weeks ago. No uniform but learning lots and her vocabulary has increased in a short space of time. Your grandd is a cutie pie. I love them at this age.
You have a very cute grand daughter who is looking very grown up for 3. My grandson is 15 months old and I can't believe how much fun being a nanna is. Enjoy your outing
I love it! Blessings!
wonderfulness all wrapped up into a tiny package!
enjoy your vacation!!!
Sure you'll be having a great time together, Jim. It'll fly- enjoy!
Wow! Thank you so much for sharing the photos with us, Dr Jim. KP and her Mimi look very joyful together :)
What a delightful little girl, you are blessed! I'm sure she is basking in the love of your visit! The little uniforms are just too cute! Wish our schools here did more of that, it makes sense. Is it wrong to say that the bird's next looks quite yummy?;-)
So glad for the youngest granddaughter update! She is beautiful. Aren't times with grandkids special? We have 11 grandkids ages 5 to 22.

Happy Saturday!

So you made it to your family! Your granddaughter is BEAUTIFUL! She looked so happy to see her Mimi. You have a great time. Take photos and share.
Oh she is just darling! What a super-duper cool and awesome photo where they are both so happy and just skipping along! Enjoy these times!
What a beauty she is! So glad you are all happily together again :)
lovely pictures! and the nest looks so yummy!
Better arm her momma and daddy with shotguns to ward off all the beaus
this beautiful grand of yours will have! I once read a bumper sticker
that said grandchildren are the reward for not killing your children...I believe this 110%!
What a cutie!
She is adorable. Love her nest cake. Enjoy your trip!!
I love the nest, what a cute idea. And what a fun trip.
My goodness she's adorable! I just visited my niece and nephew last weekend - they are almost 3 and 4.5. Such a fun age to spend time with them! Enjoy your visit - I found mine went much too quickly.

Happy 6WS!

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