Thursday, October 25, 2012

— My Alphabe-Thursday, Wagons and White — "W" — Things in a Row — Two Questions —

Jim sitting in an old Wagon
Posted in respect for Aphabe- Thursday's Letter "W"

"W" is for Wagon.  This picture of me sitting in the old Radio Flyer (I think that is what it is) has been my Blogger profile picture for quite a while now.  There were a few others earlier but this one I like and so I will keep it. I still have me with the old Ford in the Canadian Yukon Territory for my facebook picture though.

The picture was taken at the The Antique Rose Emporium at Brenham, Texas.  It is one of many wagons there to be used by customer to haul their plant selections up to the registers for check out.

Next we have "W" is for White showing in some of my pictures that you have not seen yet.  This display is down the street from our house.  I like the White rocks lining the flower bed.  This month the bed is decorated for Halloween.

Make any picture larger by clicking on it.

On the left is another house, White, down the street from us.  They do not have any grass in the front yard, only these plants.  Most are flowering plants and many are wild flowers.

On the right are two White bags of golf balls that our son, Mike, gave us.  He finds a lot of these while playing.  They are balls that others have lost.  Also some are balls that he no longer plays with as he has hit them too many times.

The White truck above makes grocery store deliveries on Karen and Billy's street.  The delivery charges are very reasonable.  And then our White dog, Katrin, has had a shampoo, nail job, and a haircut at the groomers.  Can you see the Halloween decorations on the ear ribbons?  She has been "outside" and now is wanting in.

In the White sack are Adi's ashes back from the crematorium.  The White angel beside the bag has made some rounds.  It once helped remind our dying friend, Katrin's 'mother', that the Lord had angels watching over her bed.
The White sign is at a local golf course.  I did not see any snakes but did see a couple of alligators over there.

We saw the lady walking with the White flowered basket on her head walking alongside the highway in Guatemala.  I don't have the slightest idea who she was, where she came from, or where she was going.

Below is our granddaughter, KP, helping us to find the Bloomsberry Central Baptist Church in London this Sunday.  She had the map (White) and was really a big help.

- - - - - -

Now for my Thursday Two Questions.

I really enjoyed your responses to my Velocipede post of last week

My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):

1.  Do you have a Wagon in your garage, yard, or in the house someplace to talk about?  Are there any stories about a Wagon in your life that you'd like to tell about ?

. a
2. What can you tell us about White around you?.

Bonus Question: What is your favorite "W" word?.

- - - - - -
I posted the above for Alphabe-Thursday 'W' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find her by clicking right here.
My post is also for Pat's Thursday Things in a Row. The rocks in the flower bed, the pumpkins planted there and a couple-three of short twosome rows, the golf ball sacks, Adi's ashes and the angel, and me and the Tin Man are placed in neat little rows.  .
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My Thursday Two Questions post is for Amanda

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1. I've never owned a wagon in my entire life. So no story there.

2. I'm in my office to there are white blinds on the windows, lots of copy paper, many envelopes and other things that need my attention. There are lots of books in the bookcase that have white covers like Mexico the PICYA Yachting Yearbook for 2012, Hide, and Hypnotic Realities to name a few.

Bonus Question: Wisdom is my favorite 'W' word for today.

Have a 'W'onderful day Jim. :)
I don't know where you are - but I love all the photos. Do people celebrate Halloween in England? Your granddaughter is precious. I have a wagon - in the garage - we use to move things! lol It is not a Radio Flyer. My bowl I had some vanilla ice cream in - is sitting on my white calendar on my brown desk. sandie
One day I took my red wagon and loaded it with my comic books and went around the neighborhood selling them! White ~ I walk the beach and love to find small white marble like rocks ~ (on Cape Ann MA ) beach ~ Wisdom ~ I am always learning and becoming wiser each day ~ ^_^

Your photos are excellent and your blog header is delightful ~ Very creative blog ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^
Who's the Tin man? Jim I must say you've got balls. Two bags full! :D

Wonderful "W" friend~Ames
cute wagon in the picture. wagons always make me picture a child towing one out somewhere, like it's part of childhood, although I never did own one.

my favorite W word is wonderful - a very good-sounding word. have a great day.
That first shot is quite fun! Your dog is just adorable.
We don't have a wagon or a garage as we stay in an apartment. Great White pictures.. for us the walls in the house are off white to make the place look bright.
We do have a wagon in our garage attic. It's great when little ones come over to visit and we still use it to haul our stuff to the 4th of July parade and to sit in!
We have never had a wagon before. The background to your blog is White, Dr Jim :)

My favourite 'W' word is wise.
Are those pumpkins the fake "rubber" ones? If so, do you weight them down with something? Just asking if they are fake because they are carved so well. My pumpkin always looks like a kid carved it! :)

White - The majority of the rooms in our condo are painted white. I cannot wait till we buy this place and give it some COLOR.

I recently passed the Radio Flyer office in Chicago and they have a HUGE wagon out front.
what a wonderful compilation of W(hite) words! The logo on little Adi's ashes broke my heart. That empty leash, just about did me in. But, between your little dog and your gorgeous grandchild, I didn't know which made my heart smile again, even bigger than usual!!
Always a pleasure to visit.
I had a lot of wagons in my past (I raised two boys who loved them), but I don't think I have one now.

White is my favorite color for sheets, curtains, towels... I have lots of white in my house.

My favorite "W" word is probably Write!
We don't have a wagon but wish we did. We are looking for a wagon, beach wheelie, reasonable that works to get stuff to the beach. husband is white - in color too. We have white jokes all the time, as we do Asian jokes. LOL. In my garden, paper whites are coming up, and so are my white/ pink roses.
Now that we finally have a garden, I soooo need a wagon like yours! Hauling plants from the car to the back yard is a real chore for me. I WANT A WAGON!!!

We have white alyssum in our garden! And I love clean white sheets.

I am still mourning the loss of our Precious girl. It has been two years now, and the thought of her still brings tears to my eyes.
Jim, love the wagon and the "wonky" guy sitting next to you! Thanks for your visit...I guess I should have clarified and told people that the photo I used this week was NOT in Patagonia where it is now early is in Utah near my home where winter is a little early this year! Have a great week.
I just loved this post! so much variety! alot of fun.

White around me...there's a white lined notebook on the desk in front of me with tomorrow's list of things to do / no fun here, so thank goodness for YOUR post :)
I never had a wagon as a kid, but my brother got one Christmas. It probably was Radio Flyer, too, and it filled with toys and candy. I believe my parents ordered it from Sears & Roebuck. That was back in the day, now! lol We got a Little Tikes or perhaps it was a Fisher Price wagon for our daughter when she was just starting to walk. She would push it to help gain her independence and when she wasn't doing that, then we would pull her in it. All three kids loved that little wagon. They had a big one at their grandparents they shared. I would love to have an old wagon for a flower bed, though. That would be beautiful!

What's white around me? Hmm, ok that's an easy one my Macbook is white and so are my computer speakers. Easy breezy, thank-you peasy!
hi, Jim! we do not have a wagon here. i would like to tell a story about the wagon of my life but that will take me long to write, will require a lot of space in your comment box, and will flood your comment box. :D

most blogs that i see has white backgrounds and i have to say i prefer the white than the black backgrounds. if not white, light colors will be soothing to the eyes.

for now, my favorite "W" word will be "Weasel". it is a name given to Arya, one of the main characters in the book Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings. she is an interesting girl.

my google blog seems hacked so if you'd like to visit me here, i would be most glad.
Hi Jim! Love the post – so apt!

Great pics - I like the Halloween items (doesn't happen like that here in Spain!)and Katrin looks so beautiful!

Been very busy completing my latest novel, a crime thriller (kept me up at nights. Couldn't put it down!!). Followed by a road trip through N Switzerland, the Dolomites, Slovenia & the length of Croatia. (I feel inspiration for another novel coming on!)

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend and look forward to *seeing* you again!

Stopping by from Alphabe-Thursday

Grew up with lots of wagons around me in South Africa as that was one of the ways for the farmers to get their produce to market- pulled by sickly old looking donkeys. Can see them quite vividly. (or it was carried like your Guatamalan lady in the photo). White in Africa?- all dusty brown, but white white teeth and clouds.
When my children were young, we had a wagon, with higher wall on four sides so they can rest their back when riding in it. It was one of fun things to do for them to get pulled in the wagon.

We also used the wagon when going to the fair or on a picnic. I love that wagon but have no picture of it or know where it is as it belonged to my X now..
Me again!

Hope you get this before you leave! You'll really like Dubrovnik (pity about the weather!). It was my second visit and both times I spent a bit of time in the various churches listening to sung mass. The first time we walked around the city walls which was interesting - this time we didn't have the time unfortunately. Do try to view the city from above - we had a marvellous view looking down from an upper road en route for the airport.

Look forward to hearing all about your trip! Bon voyage et bon weekend!
1) Wagons are so useful. I have a wheel barrel. They are very useful too.
2) I see my whiteboard filled with words every day. When it is clean, I feel relief but at the same time, I am ready to fill it with more action items. :-)
I LOVE the Antique Rose Emporium!

And the wagons!

I always try to find antique rose varieties as memorial gifts for friends that have green thumbs!

And I always try to pull a wagon whenever possible!

You need to 'fly'down the hill in that wagon you're sitting on, Jim!

Hope your trip is going swell! Or went swell.

I'm behind.

What a surprise! ha!


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