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— My Alphabe-Thursday, Xenogamy — "X" — Things in a Row — Two Questions —

Posted in respect for Aphabe- Thursday's Letter "X"

Question: What do you get when you cross a sunflower with a moonbeam?

Answer: A very short yellow sunbeam  sunset.

"X" is for Xenogamy. Xenogamy defined: "The term xenogamy (along with geitonogamy & autogamy) was first suggested by Kerner in 1876.[2] Cross-pollination involves the transfer of pollen grains from the flower of one plant to the stigma of the flower of another plant. It is also called Xenogamy (Gk.xenos=strange, gamos=marriage)." [from

KP and BP's other grandfather John (BIL Billy's father) develops his own variety of hybrid roses by using selective cross pollination.  Some he has patented.  All of his roses in his garden are beautiful.

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My Sunset picture:  It was a pretty sunset over the lake with pink sky and red sun. But my camera (a Sony Cyber-shot DSC W560) red eye fixer 'fixed it'. There was such a pretty red sun that should have been in the middle of this picture when I took it from inside our friend's house at her breakfast room table.

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Pumpkin Things in a Row I found at the Waitrose Supermarket, Finchley Road, London.  Mrs. Jim bought one of the small pumpkins for £.99 to make the jack-o-lantern in the picture below.  We have been using it as a center piece on the dining table now for a week.

The middle picture was the candy row dedicated to Halloween and the one on the right was a fireworks for sale display shelf.  I haven't heard many fireworks on Halloween night.  I think they are more for Guy Fawkes Day celebrating.  []

This is supposed to be for a November 5 holiday but friends have invited us to celebrate with their bonfire Saturday night.  There might be fireworks then too.

Here are KP and BP helping with more of my birthday celebrating.  This was after trick or treating was finished.  KP got a lot of candy from the kind neighbors who love for the children to come.  For us after our children left the roost our favorite Halloween thing to do was to see the costumes and to watch them ask for and give a thank you for the candy they got from us. 

KP helped Mrs. Jim make and frost this cake.  There were no birthday candles in Karen's flat so KP and I decided we could do a little make believe using this pink highlighter marker.  You should have seen it being lit and them watching me to blow out the candle.  It all worked very well.
See more of my birthday celebrating here.

Trivia:  The favorite candy folks like to give out is Tootsie Roll candies.  The most unliked candy the kids get is Tootsie Roll candies. 
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Now for my Thursday Two Questions.

I really enjoyed your responses to my Wagon post of last week
My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):

1. Do your children or grandchildren help you with cooking and baking projects?  If so, what all do you have them do?

. a
2. What all transpired around your home for Halloween?  Do you celebrate Guy Fawkes Day?.

Bonus Question: What is your favorite "X" word?.

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I posted the above for Alphabe-Thursday 'X' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find her by clicking right here.
My post is also for Pat's Thursday Things in a Row.
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My Thursday Two Questions post is for Amanda

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What is Guy Fawkes day? I used to take my children trick-or-treating but only to my friend's homes as I don't just trust anyone to give my children goodies. Now I have tons of grandkids and my kids take them. I don't decorate but do help the kids with costumes for their kids.
Thanks for sharing the meaning of your eXcellent X word. Isn't the idea of mixing two flowers a little exciting and a little scary (What if the cross produces a Triffid or an Audrey!!) But, then, that is where some of the most gorgeous roses, and day lilies come from. So, thankfully we have some brave adventurous botanists out there.

Trick or treating in VA is blah. 2 hours, 6-8pm age limit to 12. Meanwhile the adults all over VA go nuts for Halloween. Personally, this is a holiday for children, and I really miss the Halloweens my son had on Long Island, and I had in Queens as a child. Halloween was ALL DAY and ALL KIDS and absolutely a kid's dream come true!!

The photos of your girls is wonderful! So great to have them there to share your birthday!!
Jim we are having a rough night. Disco got into some chocolate - a lot of chocolate and we had to take him to the emergency room for pets. I am not sure if he is going to make it or not. SO if you get this please say a little prayer.

It looks like you had a nice Halloween there - do they go trick or treating>

Looks like a lovely family :-)
You really lit that marker?!!
Happy Birthday!
sweet girls!
My kids do help with the cooking and baking.
My eldest is learning how to cook his own lunch now.

I really like your improvised birthday candle, that is cute.
It was a quiet Halloween here, besides being a school night it was also raining. We only had a handful of brave trick or treaters.

When our children were small, they happily helped in the kitchen with not only the baking projects, but all cooking whenever they could. I was able to handle the little hands busily helping in measure, but as a Mommy I often times got frustrated and felt the pinch of time barreling down on me. In retrospect I understand now why grandparents seem so patient with their grandkids learning the lessons of lost time no doubt the hard way such I have. What I wouldn't give to have more time with my children in the kitchen. Maybe I can get it right when the grandkids come onto the scene.

Nothing happened Halloween. It was a very quiet evening. DS spent the night with his older sister and we went to bed early. No tricks - no treats - no treators! But, it doesn't mean I didn't make any treats. In fact, I made some home-made caramels yesterday and plan to have them this weekend with the boys. I'll soften the caramel in the microwave to serve with apple slices. This is my version of caramel apples - less messy with the same taste. =D

Incidentally, the sunset picture is pretty. Can you not turn off the red-eye reduction feature on your camera? I know with my Canon point n' shoot, you have to turn it on. The make-shift candle was a clever idea. I still have candles left over from years and years of birthdays. I always tried reusing them whenever I could.
Hi Jim!

So pleased you liked Dubrovnik - such an attractive location - pity about the weather though!

Great *X* post - btw, I used to shop too at the Finchley Road Waitrose when I lived in London! Nice store.

As I mentioned earlier, I was absent from this meme (and commenting here!) for over a month in the summer busy completing my latest criminal/mystery thriller (*Retribution*) which'll be available on Amazon later this month in paperback and on Kindle etc in the Spring!

Hope the weather's better wherever you are now than here in S Spain where it's pouring with rain!

Lola & Nora:)

Oh yes! My child and I bake together. She does most of the weighing, mixing etc. I do the washing :)

Sorry but we don't celebrate Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day in Singapore.

Both BP and KP look very lovely, Dr Jim :)

The sunset photo is very pretty too.
interesting 'X' word. i love the idea of learning each time i visit your blog.

those are two lovely children especially the little one with that innocent sweet smile.

1. I do not have grand children by my children yet but i do with my nephews and nieces. Those that I know are still very little to help.

2. We do not celebrate halloween so there was no preparation.

my two questions are here.
I LOVE your sunset picture!

I sometimes let the kids help in the kitchen...It's so much faster just to do it myself though! :)

I went trick-or-treating with the kids last night. Hubby stayed home to pass out candy. I'd celebrate Guy Fawke's day if I were in England!
1. Our grandchildren used to do projects with us. Cakes and other baked goodies. It was great fun. They I guess they got too old and that stopped.

2. We don't celebrate Halloween. We avoid Halloween and come to the boat to hide from the masses of kids that show up in our neighborhood. We don't decorate our home either. We are bah humbug about Halloween.

3. Xmas is my favorite X word. It's just around the corner too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Trick or Treat's been postponed over here in Western PA USA due to high winds and the kids will trick or treat on Saturday night versus Halloween night. It will still be a mess as it's not stopped raining yet...but at least we know the winds are gone and our brooms can fly ok :)
What lovely photos!

Sometimes my children help around the kitchen and sometimes not.
They might help me with cookie baking later :)

2. We went out to get candy .
No on the Guy Fawkes day. I need to read more on that.

Happy Thursday!
xenogamy -- who knew, guess you did. great X post.

we don't celebrate Halloween, it seems there's less and less trick-or-treating each year so there's no reason to even stock up on candies.

happy belated birthday! may you have much happiness and sunshine. have a great day!
very interesting word- i love the sound. too bad the use isn't very common!

Ordinary Words...learned a new term♫ Love it when you have to adapt and it still works out in your birthday candle! My kids can all cook....they take after hubby! and I'm not familiar with Guy Fawkes Day♪
Hummm I was going to say a MoonFlower of which I have many in my backyard. They pop when the moon is full!

Humm let's see...No Guy Fawkes Day here. We decorate, give out candy and dress goofy and have fun with our grandkids.

I would have to say Xeroscape is my "X" word. Here in Florida it is a challenge to have a garden that doesn't require a lot of water.~Ames
Have a great Guy Fawkes day! I didn't realize it was so soon after Halloween!
Pretty sunset! I can't believe kids don't like tootsie rolls! I love them! We didn't get any trick-or-treaters where we live - I guess kids don't come to the condos here. :(
Hi Jim ~~ We always used to have bonfires for Guy Fawkes night many years ago, but it it often too hot and with the threat of fires, it isn't done anymore that I know of.
We now have Halloween although, we don't carve pumkins or decorate, but more kids come each year with their Trick or Treat cry and we give them sweets or csndies as you say -we say lollies.

Your grand-daughters look lovely and I am sure you and Wendy enjoy having time with them and also their parents.
My son John's last rip was to Tasmania which is part of Australia, but it is an island just below Victoria where I live.I loved having his little doggy, Fluff. She and I got on well.The ship takes lots of cars, caravans and motor bikes and vans etc. over to Tasmania and back and they call it a Ferry.

I am glad you had a get-together with some family at a Mexican
restaurant, before you left for London. Glad you liked the jokes and thanx for the commentsorry I have been so slow replying. A very belated birthday Jim. I can't believe you used a marker and then lit it and put it out.

So far I haven't tried a Tramol tablet, but hope I am not
allergid to them as you seemed to be. I find sleeping is the answer. I don't always go back to bed now out weather is
warmer, but sleep in a chair, any chair anywhere and have no pain while I do, although I just get the usual jobs done, cooking and washing etc, no extra jobs get done.
I am so very lucky to have good neighbors who keep an eye on me
I am glad you enjoyed the jokes my friend.

It was nice having someone give you his seat in London. They don't do that much here for anyone which is a shame. I find that people are kind to me once they realize I am a pensioner, or senior citizen. A little grey haired lady !!!
Rake good care my friend, Cheers, Merle.

Happy belated bday, Jim. Thanks for the vocab lesson!! :)
Love your little pumpkin!

And your little punkins, too!

Love your inventive candle! A child can wish on anything! And maybe we should, too!

My husband handed out candy on Trick-or-Treat.

I lay in bed and listened to his funny remarks to each child!

Thanks for an Xcellent link Jim!


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