Friday, November 09, 2012

Feline Friday -- Airport Cat

I found this cat waiting for me at the Dubrovnik, Croatia, airport.  She was very friendly and for sure was seeking me out. That could have been because I was finishing off my breakfast remains before going through security.

I won't say that she was particularly a pretty cat but her friendliness made up for that.

Cats must be a protected species in Croatia, we would see several every day (I'll post some more here sooner or later) for our old town Dubrovnik weekend stay. 

Dubrovnik was a little respite from the busy London atmosphere that we were subjecting ourselves to for the last three weeks (October 16 through November 6).

For more Feline Friday cat pictures, you can to Sandee's blog here.
Or go to Steve at as he is the author of this meme.

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Oh I think she is beautiful.

Happy Feline Friday!
She looks very well behaved too. I love cats. I'm highly allergic, but if I wasn't I'd be a cat lady.

I'm not the author of Feline Friday. Steve of Burnt Food Dude is. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)
Thanks for joining the Feline Friday meme. I'll look forward to seeing you other cats in Crotia.

Have a great weekend!


You know what Jim - they must be cat friendly there - I can't imagine a free cat allowed in the Atlanta Harts-field Airport! lol sandie
I wonder how it can be freely be there. A public place like that would have been rid off of such animals by the authorities. Hopefully it was not one of the pets unwittingly left behind when their owners boarded their 'planes! Nicely Dr Jim!

"Meow" said the airport cat, Dr Jim :)
Looks cute :-)
It's rather nice to see that cats are welcomed within airport compounds. However, this isn't the case in Singapore :(

Have a terrific Feline Friday and the weekend ahead :)

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