Thursday, December 06, 2012

— My Alphabe-Thursday (2nd), the letter "C" / Thursday Two Questions —

Here we have nine pictures to honor Alphabe-Thursday letter "C"


"C" is for clouds.  These rainy looking clouds are the first of my "double C's" for today.

These are Croatia Cloudsdouble C's, sitting over the red-roofed old town of Dubrovnik.  We were on our way to the airport which is out of town proper to the south. 

The picture on the left is also a Croatia Cloud picture that we took on the way to the airport.  This one is looking south towards the airport. 

Please note the big sign right in the middle of a pretty setting.  I call these signs Sky Pollution.

Here is another double "C", a rack of Christmas Cards for sale in a London grocery store.

Below is a plate of fish and chips that I had on the last noon meal in a London restaurant before we left for home. 

The bowl of chips looks small.  I had eaten several after I gave Mrs. Jim almost half (chips are what Americans call French fries and the French call frites).

This TV display of the word "CHIPS" is a chance to show off my latest toy, new to me but about forty years old.  It is a John Deere wagon that I can pull with my Farmal MTA tractor. I bought it on eBay with money I received for my latest birthday. (The TV program was 'F a m i l y  F e u d'.)

Dad's last farm tractor was an MTA and he found this toy on sale after Christmas at the farm supply store in Tekamah, Nebraska, where he lived.  He also had a green wagon this size but it had a wooden cargo area.  This one is metal.  When Dad died I was elected to have the tractor and Lois (my sister) was given his wagon. (You can click on any picture for a larger size.)


This is another double C picture, a shot of our car's GPS showing the surrounding golf course by our house.  In the caption it shows the name of the Country Club. The club building is across the valley on the right from our home which is shown with the circle.

Below are two more double C's.  First is a shot I took of our Christmas Concert presented by the Conroe (Texas) Symphony orchestra.  It cam out fuzzy because I took it from the back row. 

On the right is a picture of the double C'd Coconut Creme pie that Luby's Cafeteria was trying to sell me before the concert. I had a salmon patty, cooked cabbage, and a large dinner salad with a piece of corn bread.  But no coconut creme pie.  Luby's does make my favorite coconut creme pie, here.


This last picture is a Cloud picture I took at dusk from our back porch.  The clouds reminded me of sail boats sailing up from Galveston to the south of us on the Gulf Coast. Remember that my little Sony pocket camera doesn't do sunsets very well.  Looks like neither does it do dusk. 

The Alphabe- Thursday portion of this post is for Head Mistress Jenny.

- - - - - -

Now for my Thursday Two Questions.

I really enjoyed your responses to my "B" Blues and the toy questions post of last week.  I did feel badly to hear that some of you did not have toys when you were growing up.  My sister and I didn't have many but we did have ones plenty good for us.

My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):

1. What if any pleasure to you enjoy when looking at clouds?
I remember laying on my back on warm summer days and looking up at the clouds.  I wasn't really enjoying the clouds but I was enjoying my dreams and thoughts that seeing the clouds triggered.
2.  Did you attend any Christmas music presentation this year?  If so we would like to hear a bit about it.  Thank you.
The Conroe Symphony Orchestra played about an equal number of Christian Christmas and secular Christmas carols, both classic and modern music.  I enjoyed every one.

Bonus Question: What is your favorite "C" word? .

My Thursday Two Questions post is for Amanda.

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Lovely pictures ... have a great day Jim :-)
Coconut Cream pie does it for me.
Lovely Croatia pics! Exactly the photo spot en route to the airport I mentioned in my comment about Croatia!

Though the cream pie does it for me too!

Have a great weekend! Great *C* post – as always!

Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday

Like most kids, I loved laying on the grass and watch the clouds float over my head. I would look for pictures in the clouds with my brother or my best friend. That's the kind of entertainment I was accustomed to growing up and I never got bored. As an adult, clouds hold a beautiful quality for me. I love to see the fluffy, wispy shapes against a vivid blue background or dark, turbulent storm clouds against a gray afternoon sky or the painted sunset colors striking beneath the clouds making them look like spun cotton candy. Do I like clouds? What do you think? =D

Nope, I haven't been to any Christmas musicals this season. I don't see this happening, either. But, I would love to catch some Christmas musical specials on TV. They don't put too many of those on these days. I remember growing up how it wasn't uncommon to watch these kinds of specials by the Osmonds or Andy Williams or Perry Como or Pat Boone or Anne Murray or ....The list goes on & on, but today? Not so much of that goes on and that's really sad!

Feel free to hop over today to see I put up, if you want!
1. I was more in tune with the clouds when I was a wee one. I loved trying to figure out what the clouds looked like. Now I rarely do that.

2. No I've not attended any Christmas production in many years. We love to be home and that's where we are when we aren't on the boat.

3. Comfortable is my 'C' word. It's because I'm comfortable.

Have a terrific day. :)
Great post and photography for 'C' ~ I love to imagine 'resting on a puffy cloud' and to imagine things in the shape of a cloud ~ Music ~ no special music for the holiday ~ listen to classical music everyday ~ and new age at night to 'wind down' ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ (artmusedog ^_^)
Fun C post / also layed in the grass and looked at clouds as a kid :)
My mom used to sing in the Christmas contatta (sp?) and I would join in on with two other girls and sing O Holy Night. I haven't seen a Christmas presentation in awhile. Seems my Christmas music comes through Family Life radio these days.

I don't remember many toys, our gifts were much more practical, but one year Grandma gave me a calligraphy pen set and I taught myself calligraphy; loved it!! Later I was lucky enough to see some of my work.

I love watching clouds; all sorts, big fluffy ones, little wisps of them, dark clouds; God is just so awesome and I picture Him above the clouds, and also among us at the same time.

I think my favorite "C" word is Christ, though He is not a word, but the center of my life.
Forgot to tell you - loved your photo journal and have to agree, signs are sky pollution. The sky is so much prettier. lol
Enjoyed reading all your c's! That pie looks good!
I love your photos! Beautiful family!

I love the clouds! I wish I knew how to capture it in fantastic photos!

I'm not certain as yet about the Christmas presentation. Maybe I'll do one at church later in the month.

Happy Thursday Jim!
I have to come back again to this post, but for now, I have to say: did you know? your grand daughter has the same shape face that you do? Not to offend either one of you, but from the photos, your daughter? has the same long shape face as Mrs. Jim, and your granddaughter, well, she doesn't have the same long shape as them. :-)

Love the photo!
Those were wonderful photos of Croatia. Of course I have never been there so I got to see things I've never seen. And I am so glad to see your family up there - C is for cool. I think you have a lovely family. sandie
Wow! Very good, Dr Jim :) Instead of a single "C" word, you're doing double "C" words.

The photos are very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

The clouds remind me of all my friends. Wherever we're, we're looking up into the same sky which carries the clouds. My favourite "C" word is compassion. The Christmas music presentation is usually being held around Christmas day :)
love the pics !!
specially agree to the "sky pollution"

And the questions :

1. I love to see how they travel - fast or slow . and imagine what all they capture from the view they have.
2. I am no christian. But i love the plum cakes still. buy them from the NGOs serving kids :)
Great photos for letter c. What a lovely family you have. I see one Christmas card that I think must be just so lovely - I think it is the one with the Christmas plum pudding on it. I like graphics/illustrations like that. They are fun!
My favorite cloud past time would have to be looking at them and seeing if I see shapes in them!
Hi Jim --
~As a kid, I loved finding pictures in the clouds -- still do as a matter of fact!
~No musical presentations this year, so far, but in the past we've loved going to see the Vocal Majority (you may have seen/heard of them -- they are a Dallas-area based men's chorus group and put on a wonderful Christmas production)

and coconut cream pie is delish! No more Luby's for us though -- they moved away from my area : (

I wanted to thank you for the Abbey Road link -- I bet you watch for your granddaughter as she crosses! How awesome is that!! I've added it to my favorites just to watch every now and then. I wonder if your daughter runs into Paul from time to time!
A great Collection of Cs!
I do like that last cloud photo! The colors are wonderful!
I love looking at clouds--the various shapes and colors and movement as they blow across the sky. I was quite taken with them last Summer during my visit to several Canadian National Parks in the mountains.
Sadly, no Christmas music concerts for me this year.
These are some really Cool pictures...

Our family goes to see The Nutcracker almost every year and I am hoping we will make it this year as well...

I love laying on a blanket on a warm, Spring day with a Chilly breeze in the air gazing at the many different patterns of Clouds...

This was a really Creative post for the letter C...

Thanks for linking.


...and that Cocunut Creme pie looks fabulous!
Very clever post, Jim. Well done!
Hah! So many "C"'s to see!
answers to your 2 questions:
1. I love to look at clouds-especially since moving to the Mt Shasta area that is full of ever changing clouds- some look like mushrooms-those are the lenticular clouds but alot just look like feathers that have loosened from angel wings.
2. No Christmas music presentations but we are going to a Romeo and Juliet musical production next week! Cheers!

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