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Six Word Saturday -- Feline Friday; Another Alley Cat, Official Black Cat of New Zealand

my Six Words:
Give a penny for your thoughts?

Today will be pictures of the first and last New Zealand places we visited.  The ones below are of Auckland in the north (actually in Devonport, across the bay) while this one above is of Mrs. Jim having coffee with scones as she was watching the fiords at the Southern tip of New Zealand.

There will be more New Zealand pictures later to fill in the one in between these.  Don't know when for sure.

Well, she is 'official' in my book.

This black cat was the last being that we spoke to on our way coming down from our climb up Mt. Victoria in Devonport, New Zealand.
She came down from by her house to meet us while we were walking through the neighborhood coming down the final descent of the 'mountain.' 

We were using a narrow sidewalk which was dividing the small wooden houses on our right and a little garden park on the left. 
Next we would catch the ferry back to Auckland, walk over to our Princess cruise ship, and board.

Mrs. Jim and I helped to get us away for our cruise.  It would be a 14-day Princess Cruise of New Zealand and Australia.  We would sail down the east coast of New Zealand stopping almost every day to explore and do our sailing at night. See more from Princess Cruises (click here). 
Then the cruise went over to Australia, stopping at Tasmania, Melbourne, and Sidney.  After the cruise we would spend three and a half days and three nights in Sidney before returning home.  On January 1 we spent Mrs. Jim's birthday in Wellington, NZ.
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Awww..she wanted to say hello and good-bye to you two.

Enjoy your weekend :-)

God bless,
Awww, what a cutie pie and a cruise too.

The host of Feline Friday is Steve of Burnt Food Dude.

Have a terrific day. :)
She was a pretty cat! And you two make a pretty (well) couple. I am so glad you had a good time. Looks like sunshine and shorts there.
Cute cat and an even great looking couple!
Wow! Lucky Jim. I thought I was in the wrong blog, it all looks so different.
Enjoy the cruise.
What a lovely place to visit! I have cousins there; do you know them? :D
Happy belated birthday to Mrs. Jim. Great picture of the two of you.
New Zealand is on my bucket list. We nearly went in 2012 however Japan was also on the itinery and bacuse of the tsunami we cancelled the trip and went the North Atlantic route instead. Lovely pictures! I am envious!
Great pics, Jim! NZ is fascinating. The last time I was there, there were 5 mil people and 50 mil sheep! I don't think there's much change to that now! Enjoy your cruise!

I definitely gotta get out more.
Chasing you round the black cats, Jim, but I found you! Oh but that sunshine does look nice. Looking forward to more photos.
Wonderful photos of your trip, I am sooo jealous! :-) What a lovely way to celebrate and remember a birthday for Mrs. Jim! And of course you would encounter a cat, cats know their friends! Great to see you back among us Jim! Will be looking forward to hearing about your hero for Two Shoes Tuesday!
Way cool. We'll visit there someday. I'd be having the DOD and not the coffee or tea. Just saying.

Some of my blogging buddies started their Bloggers Cruise today to the Caribbean. Sure wish I was on board.

Have a terrific day. My best to Mrs. Jim. :)
It looks so lovely and warm there- i am quite envious. Happy SWS Mr and Mrs Jim.
Happy Birthday, Mrs Jim! :)
Can't wait to read and see more about this fantastic trip. You and the Mrs look well.
What wonderful pictures. Sounds like a great time was had by all.

Regarding Post Comment: I am aware what a carnivore is and thank you for the definition.

Have a fantastic day.
Looks like tons of fun. The photos are so beautiful and capture New Zealand well.
Looks like you had a wonderful time. New Zealand has some beautiful scenery. My niece did a student year abroad there about ten years ago. Look forward to seeing more pics in the future.

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