Sunday, January 20, 2013


Chickee begged. "I've got just one question," he asked his mum, "why can't we get a new red roof like the others?"
"Stupid question, shut up."
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Delusions of grandeur there, I think. They just don't know the pecking order :-)
Looks like a good place to doze in.
I think it's a great question. That baby needs a lot of work including a roof.

Have a terrific day Jim. My best to Mrs. Jim. :)
did you know dr. jim that there is a musical goup called slightly stupid that does jamacan like music that are quite good acctually<><>on palladia channel.<><>they have all the groups on<><>mumford and sons><<>zac brown band etc etc etc
love this..:) why not a red roof indeed? sounds like something my kids will ask.. i would ask for this roof to be repaired..
...And then Chickee says, "It doesn't even have to be red!" Thanks for the chuckle, Jim, and welcome back; I missed you.
I love this little birdhouse and think it would look great with a red roof, but maybe it would draw more visitors??
I think the bird house is great as is.
A bird condo!
Poor Chickee trying to keep up with the neighbors!
with that many tenants by the number of front dooors, i would say you deserve to make them a new roof immediately
Thanks for dropping by my site Jim. What a great little bird house. It definitely has character but a new roof wouldn't go astray though..
Nice to see you back, Jim. I'll be heading down to see your photos after I comment here. I could just picture Chickee begging for a red roof. Can't blame him. That roof needs more than a couple new shingles!
That's what I would ask too, looking at roof :-)
HaHa! :D

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