Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Shoes Tuesday # 28 -- "Sea"


Our run had taken us six days and nights
without putting our feet to the ground.
I may kiss it when we land.

Water, water, waves, everywhere. 
We were at sea and had been
for, it seemed twenty years.
Only six days, six long and lonely days.
Nothing new, just our ship and the sailors there. 
Yes, we did pass an occasional cargo ship or tanker
a couple of miles away.
The food was the same day after day 
with only seven menus for the whole run. 
It was good but we'd had the same the day before. 
"Wash your socks" was the order of the day. 
I wish I had of packed more,
I'd chunk them overboard every night. 
For excitement we would feed the whales,
sharks, and the seals.  That is if they would eat
the grub our 'chef' had cooked. 
Three card draw and dominoes we could always play
but we did that for only the first few days. 
I wonder if the fish would wear my socks? 

What a happy early morning sight,
the Sydney Harbor in the dawn's dim light. 
We will rub elbows with the tourists 
at the Sydney Opera House and
walk the Sydney Harbor Bridge. 

Do the Botanical Garden and explore the first
First Lady's green pleasures.
We'll have some fish and chips
at the Sydney Harbor Fish Market.


Monday morning we'll be reloaded
and then it's back to sea again.  I hope
there will be grub and time for more fish and chips.

Each week Josie Two Shoes (link) provides a one-word writing prompt and invites us to share a short story, poem, essay, thought, or photo relating to that topic.  We are not required to use the actual word in the post, but it is to be used as the theme. 

The writing prompt for Tuesday, January 29th
(as chosen by Old Egg at Robin's Nest) was "sea"
1. Mrs. Jim and I were NOT on the ship in the story.  The story is fiction.  On our cruise we were never at sea more than two days in a row.
2. The pictures are from our recent holiday, a 14-Day Princess Cruise of New Zealand and  Australia.  They are of our arrival to Sydney where we stayed on our own three extra days.  The things we did there matched the events of my seaman tale. Mrs. Jim and I shared an order of fish and chips at the Fish Market.  Her plate looked like mine pictured above as we shared one order.
3. Oh yes, the food on our cruise was wonderful.  Most items on the menus were different each day.

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It sounds like the monotonous diet made it monotonous voyage. But there is nothing to beat passing through the heads and arriving at Sydney Harbour it is magic.
Now I would have guessed that you would write about your cruise on the sea. I have to say you two look like you had a might good time. Very nice cruise too. Beautiful photos Jim.
I love the contrast of your first picture and the verse beneath to the remaining photos of sites to see and good things to eat. I take it the trip improved quite a bit once there! I'm so glad you and Mrs. Jim got to enjoy this wonderful time together, more good memories in the making, and yes... just perfect for Old Egg's theme this week! :-) Are you ready to be a stay-at-home blogger for a bit now? :-)
It's still a cruise and I've gone to Hawaii and back on a cruise ship. It's five days over and five back. Too long with just the ocean and an occasional tanker to see. Won't do that long of a sea cruise again.

The fish and chips look really good. Now I'm hungry.

Have a terrific day. :)
lovely pics Jim. I hope everything was loads of fun, off and on the water. ;<)
The photos are so fabulous with very lovely description. Thank you for sharing them with us, Dr Jim :)
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love how you shared your cruise with us. First the beauty of the sea then photos of your cruise. Looks like it was an awesome trip.
I bet that is what the navy men feel like!
Great pictures

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