Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Free TV License for the Old or Blind -- Two Shoes Tuesday # 23 - Old

I ran across this message for old folk and the blind 
in my e-mail inbox this morning.
There is another post I will make this afternoon but in the meantime I thought perhaps you might enjoy reading my latest e-mail.

If you're 75 or over you're entitled to a free television license. You can also get TV license concessions if you're registered blind. Or if you live in nursing or residential care or in sheltered accommodation.

To do this, call TV Licensing on 0300 790 6131, minicom 0300 790 6050.

To apply for the blind concession, you'll need to send TV Licensing your name, address, telephone number, TV License number and the following:

- a photocopy of the blind registration certificate from your local authority or ophthalmologist
- your license renewal notice (if you have one) payment by cheque or postal order of the half-price TV license fee

Post your application to:

TV Licensing Blind Concession Group Bristol BS98 1TL.
Remember to include your name, address, phone number and TV Licence number.

Get a new TV licence within ten working days of receipt of your application.
The fine print (Jim's editorial addition): 
The above applies to British only, living in the U.K.  Americans in the U.S. ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE LICENSE TO OWN AND OPERATE THEIR TV's.
TV's for the blind are hard to come by.  Be sure to ask that the subtitles are able to be displayed in BRAILLE.
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Good grief. Good grief and then some.

Have a terrific day. ☺
Too funny! This makes about a much sense as the Braile keys on drive-up ATM's! :-)
What is a free tv license?
And just to think they are being paid to produce nonsense like this. Be aware you young ones, your time will come and you too will be treated this way.
I in London (UK) there] is an annual tax and an associated license required for each TV hooked up in the home. Our kids there have only one TV for the household. Here in Texas (US) we have six TV's hooked up [kitchen, living room, master bedroom, my office, guest bedroom, and the game room] all for free, YET.
I think the Braile on the ATM's are for walkups and walkup ones specifically, but they are all manufactured the same (Standardization). It's too expensive to manufacture differently so I've heard.
I just got a call that said, "If you are a senior citizen, you need to pay attention to this call..." I hung up.

To answer your question on my blog, we did visit Morrial Hall. That was actually my previous post to the one you looked at: theapels.blogspot.com/2013/02/morrial-hall.html
too funny. I never realized you needed a license to operate a TV
Is this for real? What's the license allow you to do - turn your set on and off?
"Age is just a number..." :)

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