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— My Alphabe-Thursday (2nd), the letter "L" / Thursday Two Questions —

New Zealand and Australia; more of our most recent cruise pictures
Here we have some pictures to honor Alphabe-Thursday letter "L"

"L" is for Laugh.  Today I have some pictures from our recent stay in Sydney that may make you laugh.  At the least, I do hope they will make you SMILE.

We stayed in Sydney three and a half days and three nights after our New Zealand Australia cruise on the Diamond Princess.


This giant rubber duckie made me laugh a little, Mrs. Jim is smiling.  Sitting in Sydney Harbor, it is a piece of art commissioned for the Sydney Festival.  It was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman [Zap2it Blog for more].  We enjoyed the Festival activities all over town.   Saturday night we went to a concert in the park.
On Sunday we walked down to the Market City (link) on Hay Street.  It has Haymarket and Chinatown, both to add to the sense of being in a large city market.
Here is Mrs. Jim on the draw bridge when we walked back from the Nautical Museum.  The fellow in the background wearing a yellow vest is a part of the Park Guide force.  I had asked him a question about the yellow duck anchored below.
Nothing to exciting about the lollipop tree but I smiled.  It was a part of the souvenir shops located on the bank row of shops along the Harbor.  We did buy a plush kangaroo. 
We had a pleasant ferry ride (Sidney Ferries) around the Harbor on the Inner Harbour Ferry.  It left the Circular Quay and sailed over to the Australian National Maritime Museum.  I liked going under the Harbour Bridge.  You can see the Sydney Opera House in the background.
We rode the train over and back across the bridge, we took took the ferry to Manly Beach for a morning, we rode the tram to the Harbor Fish Market, and took the bus to Bondi Beach for our major rides.  There were many more as Sydney has a wonderful public transportation system.  Since Mrs. Jim and I were seniors our all day tickets to all modes were $2.50 AUS each day.
Riding with the pedaling fellow in this bike mobile looks like it would be fun but he didn't have many takers.  Mrs. Jim and I did ride in one of these in China and the ride was not fun.
The street painter was going to donate his painting to a local Salvation Army unit.  There were a lot of people in his painting but I couldn't figure out what he meant it to be.
These two pictures I took at Manly Beach.  Kids, perhaps a very small adult, could enter an OZBOBBLE to jump and roll around.  It didn't look like fun to me.  It cost $10 but I don't know how long a person could stay for that ten.
We didn't see a Water Dragon at the beach.  Thank goodness, it could bite.  They are Australia's largest lizard, the females grow to be a couple of feet long while the males grow to three feet long.

When was the last time you saw a Woolworth's Store?   We haven't had them in the U.S. for years and years.  This one had merchandise similar to what our Target Super Store would carry. 
The plate?  That is my last breakfast aboard the Diamond Princess.  The porters had taken our luggage and all we could do was to wait for our turn to disembark.  This was a good breakfast I got in the buffet.  It had English and American bacon, one egg broken yolk over hard, one small pancake (under the egg), sausage links, a pineapple wedge, and some canned peaches. 
That breakfast held me until after our Sydney Opera House tour that started at 1:30 p.m.  We had already checked into our hotel and then caught the free shopping bus back down to the Harbor.
==> You can see other "L" letter posts by visiting Jenny's blog post, Alphabe- Thursday. My letter "L" portion of this post will be critiqued by Head Mistress Jenny. I always hope for a good grade.
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Now for my Thursday Two Questions.

My last post last week was about a "K" word, Kangaroo.
My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):.
1. Do you ever laugh at things that make you smile?  What was the last thing you smiled about or laughed at?
2. What does your community have for mass public transportation?.
I wish the Houston Metropolitan had decent public transportation.  If yours does you should feel lucky.

Bonus Question: What is your favorite "L" word?
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==> My post is for Amanda at her Thursday Two Questions blog, Self Sagacity.

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The last time I smiled was when I opened your blog and saw a rubber duck and lollipop tree.

We live in a small town right now so there is nothing mass about our transportation system. We do have bus service for the main part of town. The buses are painted to look like trolley cars so they are pleasant to see.

My favorite L word is Laughter! It is the best medicine you know.

Great photos. One heck of a rubber duckie.
What a wonderful place to explore! My son would love the lollipop tree.
I smile a lot and definitely smiled at your post. I loved the duck. I have a much smaller version. I am feeling remiss as I forgot to post my "l". Oh my, where does the time go?

We have limited bus transportation. It is only is some areas and during a portion of the day and runs hourly.

My favorite "l" word would have to be Lord, but love comes in a close second, and actually God is love, so there you have it. :-)
Great photos and yes, I think the rubber duck is adorable and it made me smile - BIG.
It looks like you are having a wonderful vacation adventure!

We have bus routes here, but I don't think they are very 'reliable' - as in, you may have to wait quite a long time for one to show up. This is definitely a automobile area. There has recently been an addition of AMTrak services up to NE areas and I think this is wonderful. Truthfully, I think we have to start rethinking our travel habits, and that is a good start..
Woolworth's! I haven't thought about them in years! There was one in the downtown area of the city I grew up in -- always smelled like popcorn! Love the rubber duckie!!
Hmmm, just smiled at the rubber duckie!
Public transportion -- I'm in the 'burbs so none here. I'm surprised Houston doesn't have a good system though, as large as it is. New Orleans' system is excellent -- I relied on it when I lived there!
I enjoyed your post!
Love that duck. That's one awesome piece of work.

1. Yes, I laugh at things that make me smile all the time. The last thing I laughed about was something my husband did. I smiled at the duck you posted.

2. We have a bus system that I've used more than once. There is also dial a ride here and for a very small fee you can get door to door service.

Bonus Question: Love. The world is in desperate need of showing more love.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
You are definitely on an adventure!

1 Last night I was reading the bible with the kiddies and they wanted me to explain the word mock, which I did in a funny voice and they both busted out laughing and so did I!

3. I think the public transit here are buses but they only cover certain areas.

3. My L word is - Love
I'm trying to do everything in love right now for our family's sake.

Happy Thursday Jim! :)
We smile and laugh a lot everyday, Dr Jim :) Lord, love and laugh are my favourite "L" words.

The public transportation system is very efficient in Singapore. There are seamless transfers from subway to bus and cabs.
I love to laugh and take every opportunity I can to do so!

Out here in the boonies there is no Public Transportation. Salt Lake City, however, does have a very sophisticated public transportation system...
I Love to Laugh. We were doing homework tonight and Andy was doing a power point. I laughed at the thought that I was helping Andy with homework and he is worlds ahead of me.
2.Well the city has buses, and the suburbs have there own buses - but never do the two twain easily.
My son in law would love the rubber duck he collects them. Great photos .one day I might get there
Hi Jim! I love that giant rubber duck!

And all the pictures! You and your wife look so happy! I love your adventures!

The last thing I smiled about was our weiner dog, Oskar. He saw a leaf on the floor and about broke his neck thinking it was a snack. His snort of disgust as he walked away was so funny!

We have a lot of city buses here and they have a train but with limited routes!

Thanks for linking.


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