Sunday, February 03, 2013


Angela had the formula:
1. Take the tow rope instead of the lift;
2. The rule for her, 'girls go first'
equaled a happy day.

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Happy wife, happy life...the young man's first "relationship" lesson. Clever one, Jim....I like it!
Very clever indeed. You do these so very well.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Hey I agree - happy wife is a very happy life - of course I am a wife....
Happy wife, happy that. It reminds me of James Brown's famous song "It's m Man's World. The next line goes something like this but it wouldn't be anything without a woman or a girl.
The rule works for a happy family :-)
And no doubt a fun day. Nice one.
140 characters reminds me of Twitter, Dr Jim :)
A very nice story, Jim. Usually I'm all for letting the girls go first, but I never felt that way about skiing. Let's just say I "sat out" most of my downhill trips. :D

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