Friday, March 29, 2013

Beware !!! / Feline Friday

Today is National Smoke and Mirrors** Day (link).

Beware of the politician's false promises. They have all the answers. But today is perfect for questioning them. Can you see through their smoke and mirrors?  Have you watched Al Gore on the Letterman show? It was rerun last night, he has a new book out.

Now the realities:  My picture was taken on the cart path between Number Five and Number Six (I think) of the Wedgewood Golf Course in Conroe, Texas, where I've been playing on Tuesday.  (It is a pretty course, see it here link).

Here is my cat selection for today.  Put a coin in and go for a ride! 
Isn't this a neat way to post a grandchild picture?  Last October we took KP to the Peppa Pig World park located at Hampshire, U.K. (link). 
She found this Garfield cat on our way out.
More Feline Friday cats can be found at Sandee's blog, Comedy Plus (link).

** Smoke and Mirrors: Note: "Smoke and mirrors is a metaphor for a deceptive, fraudulent or insubstantial explanation or description. The source of the name is based on magicians’ illusions, where magicians make objects appear or disappear by extending or retracting mirrors amid a distracting burst of smoke. The expression may have a connotation of virtuosity or cleverness in carrying out such a deception." (same link for more)

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Al Gore is a windbag. He's all about the money.

I love the kitty ride. I love Garfield too. A. Lot.

Have a terrific Feline Friday and a blessed Easter too. ☺
This is the first time I've seen a Garfield kitty ride. I remember when I was a kid they were cars or horses.

Have a great Easter Weekend!

Aww!love the Garfield ride there she looks nlike she is enjoying it heheh!

Have a an eggtastic Easter ;-)
Yes. I do question the politicians, and have many issues this them, including this current regime. They are getting ready to cut trucker's drive time even more, meaning less pay for Bill who runs a legal electronic log with 0 violations.
Love your Garfield! Happy Easter.
I love Garfield. And your first sentence - amen to that! Have a blessed Easter tomorrow. Sandie
KP is so cute, Dr Jim :)

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