Friday, March 15, 2013

Feline Friday -- Cats are here and then they're gone


For more Feline Friday cat pictures, you can to Sandee's blog here to Actually SEE some of the ones with cats (and not missing cat pictures, just this one).  Next time I will find the missing cat, I promise.  Well, not this one, she lives in London and we are back home now (picture taken October 22, 2012).

Also, "March 15th celebrates Everything You Think Is Wrong Day, a day that we realize we are not always right. It is a day that maybe we want to avoid making decisions. Today is also a day that we do not want to start out our conversation with the words…. ” I think”.  Read more, here (you'll have to scroll down to the second article, it's another national day today also).

Yesterday was National Pi Day.  I had a little poem on my other blog (link to Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place) in commeration of 3.14 (March 14).

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Cats are smarter than dogs, so the cat will get away. Our Little Bit chases cats all the time and never even gets close. Bless her heart.

Have a terrific Feline Friday. ☺
Ha ha very cute picture, the dog could be saying anything...e.g. ooh that's a cute blonde! Happy Friday my friend.
oh hahah cats are so devilishly clever! Have a great weekend!
Have a good catty weekend Jim. Hugs, sandie
Cats love to keep dogs... and their humans guessing. No "training" for them... catch me if you can! :-)
You are always offering things of interest! Have a great weekend!
I think my naughty cat video is fixed. let me know, please. Thanks.
Aww. Poor puppy, he has no kitty cats to play with :(
Interesting, Dr Jim :)

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