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Two Paris Hotels — Six Word Saturday —

mySix Words:
Two rooms with a view -- your pick
[click on a picture for large size]
Each is within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower. We've had the bottom one two times, the top one only once.
But that one time was on April 15 of last year, the date of  the Paris Marathon. 
Our room then was at a premium because of the race and because the lower floors had to look out at the walls of the building. 

I'd rather be watching those chimneys, the sky, and the buildings in the distance than lower facing walls of a building.  Rooms looking at the Eiffel Tower on the 5th and 6th floors were more still.  Ours was on the 6th facing the other direction..
 But we didn't spend much of our time in the room that weekend.
The street here in the bottom picture is rue Cler.  Our hotel would be on the left, with the yellow sign.  Both stays our rooms were looking down on the street.
During the day the fruit, seafood, pastries, and groceries were available market style with the store fronts open and extending out on the street.
In the evenings other vendors appeared along with the little sidewalk cafes, etc.  Our favorite was the crepe maker right below our hotel. The hotel on this street we like is The Grand Hotel Leveque Paris at 29 rue Cler (link).

At right is the street out front of the April 2912 hotel. the Hôtel de Londres Eiffel at 1 Rue Augereau (map).  Nothing wrong with it, it just isn't on a fun pedestrian street.

But down this street you can get Paris' best hot dog (I ate one while walking the street to the river).  It will be on an open faced, two nice sausage links sliced down the middle, covered with melted cheese of your choice.  Sorry, I was so busy eating I forgot to take a picture.  Next time, okay? 

Rick Steves in his travel guides recommends both of the hotels.  The Londres is a tad bit closer to the Eiffel, perhaps five minutes if one walks slowly.  Not  a problem.  (Paris Hotels - Rick Steves)

Our daughter, Karen, ran the Paris Marathon last year and they like the upper hotel because it has one room for four,  them and the two kids.  Karen did finish the 2012 marathon (link).  She is not in training this year so we won't be afforded the luxury and pleasure of cheering her on as we often did.

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I love the second view. So much color! Honestly, I doubt one could go wrong with either. ☺

Happy Saturday!
Love 'em. The only times I've stayed overnight in Paris it was with tutorial or exam in view next day, so I didn't get about much! The occasional day trip doesn't give enough time to explore. I adore Paris rooflines and chimney pots, and always get a crick in my neck from staring upwards!
I have never been to Paris...what a wonderful set of pictures
I love crepes, Jim!
You have been blessed to enjoy such wonderful travel adventures, and we are blessed to see these places thru your eyes and the magic of photography! I would certainly enjoy the food vendors so close at hand... mmmmm! :-)
i have a group of blog friends and they have some money and they are always going to Paris. I have been there twice years ago!!!!!!!!! I think I might have been to young to remember it all as well as you. But it is beautiful. I have another friend going their in September and I will send this blog to her. Have a good weekend. Sandie
How fun. France isn't on my bucket list, but Germany, Italy and Switzerland are.

Have a terrific day. :)
What an adventure! We went toEngland for a month in 2004...but that is the extent of our travels to foreign lands! (:>)

I like the view and the street fruit and veggie vendors!

Happy Saturday!

You've managed to do something very rare her, J: cause me to contemplate travelling beyond the village line. Thanks.
I love Paris and just wandering (and getting lost lol). I like the pedestrian street on your photo, it looks very inviting... especially with the markets. Thanks for sharing :)
Jim! These pics make me so home sick for Paris- one of my most favorite cities!
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To be in Paris at ll - what luxury, what privilege! I never have and doubt I ever will (it's a long way from here), so it is lovely to be able to see your pictures and read your account.
That all sounds fab Jim!Especially the hot dog!Yum,yum x
Jim you write about Paris,crepes,marathons and post great photos of Paris and all I home in on are the 'hotdogs' please,please forgive me everyone!!!!I need therapy! x
Hot dogs are great in France. They make them three ways, traditional American style, inside the baguette, and outside the baguette open faced. I'll take either of the latter.
Crepes... I like crepes :)

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