Friday, April 05, 2013

Cat in a G L A S S -- Feline Friday

This cute little kitty was on the .E l l e n. Show last week. In this video the kitten
was getting tired of being in there and wanted out. The .g l a s s. never did tip.
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For more Feline Friday cat pictures, you can go to Sandee's blog here.
Or to Steve's at as he is the author of this meme.

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Ahhh.. Another portal from the cat world opens up!

Have a great weekend!

How adorable. I love that show, but I never remember to watch television. I just got out of the habit.

Have a fabulous Feline Friday. ☺
Haha how funny we get the Ellen show here in UK on one of our satellite channels :-)

Have a purrrfect weekend :-)
Awww...that is soooooo cute!

Have a wonderful weekend :-)

I love Ellen & her love of critters! You need a cat, Jim...and a cat needs you.
Ellen was in Australia recently to shoot two episodes for her show, Dr Jim :)
oh poor little kitty. Have a great Sunday!
Awe that little cat was cute! sandie

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