Sunday, May 05, 2013

Succintly Yours

Malcolm was happy with his MODERN ORGAN GRINDER. 
But so much time spent with Polly, he felt they were
Today he'd swap for a monkey.

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Picture prompt furnished by GMa -- Optional Word of the Week:coalesce 

GMa's Succinctly Yours Week 111 has links to other posts and gives the rules.
Rules: Use the photo as inspiration for a story. Maximum of 140 characters OR 140 words.


Learned a new word today.. thanks! :-) Cute take on the photo prompt!
I'd sell the parrot and do the talkin myself.
Lots of bonding, huh? He has two.
Wow, Judy, I didn't see the second parrot up there behind the pink based sand (or whatever) container. Thank you. I think he would trade two parrots for an organ grinder monkey.

The last organ grinder I saw was in France and the fellow there had a cat. The cat was collared and tied to his organ.
I'd do the same :-)
I love how you do these. Always so clever.

Have a fabulous day. :)
Another new word for me Jim! sandie
That sounds like a bad breakup line, Jim. "I need a little space, we're too coalesced." :D Loved your story. I posted that photo (not mine, I found it on Morguefile)and never noticed the 2nd parrot until I went to write my entries today.
A monkey would definitely go better with an organ grinder than do parrots! Unique use of "coalesce," Jim.
Thanks for making me smile, Jim!
HaHa! This is a very funny photo :)

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