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The Zuider Zee — My Alphabe-Thursday (2nd), the letter "Z" / Thursday Two Questions —


"Z" is for the Zuider Zee.

What do you know about the Zuider Zee?

When did you first hear about the Zuider Zee?

The map above is from Wikipedia (link).  The second map, here,is from Google Maps of "Zuider Zee" (link-you may have to select Zuider Zee, the Netherlands on the left of your map).
[You can make either map large by clicking on the picture once or twice.]

I first learned about the Zuider Zee in my country grade school from the poem, "The Leak in the Dike" (link).  You won't see the sea named by the Zuider Zee but that was it.  The Zuider Zee was mostly recovered by land using a series of dikes.  In the 1600's through to the 1900's the dikes would break and tens of thousands of people perished.  Also see the Wikipedia article here (link).

The gist of this poem, and the legend that became before and after was all about The story of the little boy who averted a flood disaster by sticking his finger in the dyke.  This story is famous all over the world . Mary Mapes Dodge (1831 - 1905), an American author of children's books, wrote the story and published it in her book around 1865. (link).

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==> You can see other "Z" letter posts by visiting Jenny's blog post, Alphabe- Thursday. My letter "Z" portion of this post will be critiqued by Head Mistress Jenny. I always hope for a good grade from her..
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[please click on the picture to make it a bit larger -- I am the boy in back]

This was my school.  I suppose I was about in the 6th grade and my sister in the front left was in the first or second grade.  Beside her was my first cousin as was the boy on the right.  So half the school kids were either brother-sister or first cousins. I don't know the tall girl beside me.  The girl beside me and the girl in front by my boy cousin were sisters.
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Now for my Thursday Two Questions.
My post last week was about the "Y" word Youth. and fishing.
Please do not forget to observe this May as National Hamburger Month.
My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):.

 1.  What do you know about the Zuider Zee?

 2. When did you first hear about the Zuider Zee?

Bonus Question(s):

1. What is your favorite "Z" word?

.==> My Questions here are for Amanda at her Thursday Two Questions blog, Self Sagacity. Please visit her there for her questions and links to other partakers of her fun blogging idea.

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Jim you are over my head! I have never heard the name, but I do remember the story of the little boy. sandie
What a lovely post for Z and so creative ~ never heard of it and now I have ~ Enjoy ^_^

favorite z word? zany ~ cause it's fun ^_^
1. More today than I did before reading this post.

2. First time I heard of this was today.

3. Zippy is my favorite 'Z' word today.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
HAve never heard about the Zuider Zee.. interesting information.

Dominique @Dominique's Desk
my fav Z word is zany becuse I am. I had never heard of this place thank you. I went to Zeeland in Holland once.
Great post thank you

I remember the story about the little boy and the dike but not that name so this would be the first for me : ) I vaguely recall a very old hardback book in my home as a child about the little boy.

Favorite z word would have to be zinnia for the flower that I love to grow, with zucchini as a runner up ! Love to eat zucchini! :)
Great, creative post for *Z*– superb pics, Jim!

Mmmm, have heard the story too. Drove through Holland as a student - so very flat, of course! (Prefer mountains!)

PS Are you off on vacation again soon?!!

I've read the story -- and probably first heard of the Zuiderzee when I visited my brother who was living in The Netherlands (many years ago!)
Thanks for stopping by my Z's!! (It definitely would have been cool seeing ZZ Top playing under the trees!!)
I like this post, Jim! I've heard this story as well but never heard about the name. Look at you on that pic! That was so cute :)

I do not not about Zuider Zee. Thanks for educating me today. It's good to learn something new.
The school wasn't very big then. It is interesting how you went to school back then. The photo is priceless. I can see the resemblance in the siblings of your photo.
It's my first time reading about Zuider Zee. Thank you so much, Dr Jim :)

The school photo is so cute.
When I was a very little girl we visited Holland and walked along the dikes and my father told us all about the Zuider Zee. It is a remarkable creation!
I don't have a favourite 'z' word - but do want to remind all your US readers that up here we say Zed!
I am not familiar with Zuide Zee but now I am very curious! Z is a tough letter. Lots of words though and I like to catch my Zzz's now that I have a few vacation days here! Thanks for sharing.
I ahve not thought about the Zeider Zee in quite a long time! Great post, Jim!
Jim, it was grade school. You have quite an interesting post. It was difficult to select a favorite "z". It was behind zest or zeal. I like to embrace life and have a true passion for what interests me.
Looks like you and Aunt Lois were the runts of the group
My sister, Lois, and I started school younger than those kids did. Aunt Lois was four. And we ALL skipped Kindergarten.
I am not familiar with Zuide Zee, and this is the first time I heard it..

I like your old school photo. It is like one of those "Little House in the Prairie" sort of thing..
Jim! I love that old school photo! What a neat, neat picture.

I can imagine so many things from that!

I've never heard of Zeider Zee but it sure made me smile!

I think my favorite Z word must be zinnia! I love those happy flowers!

Thanks for linking up Jim!


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