Saturday, May 04, 2013

To do in Paris — Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words
Two Americans in Paris -- I'm jealous
[click on a picture for a larger view]

Waiting for the Chunnel train going to Paris, France
On the train, KP is eating her PB sandwich that her daddy made for her


KP showing off in front of the Eiffel Tower
Girls like to have chocolate in the hotel dining room
Luck would have it her carousel is still by the River Seine

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Last words from Paris this morning:
She is still sleeping - it's 7:49. I'm going to start her with a granola bar and then... Crepe on rue cler! :)

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What a beeeootiful city -I love Paris too. Happy pics.
I'm jealous, too! It looks like a fantastic time. ☺

Have a great weekend.
I'm jealous too! I want to go to Paris!
Jealous of anyone able to travel - should have been going to Thailand in 3 weeks, not happening until December now. Enjoy! Enjoy!
ahhhhhhhhh wonderful Paris! What a lucky little girl! Thanks for sharing these photos of her and have a lovely week!
Oh what happy and joyful times for sure! Lovely photos, you are blessed!
What a beautiful little granddaughter you have, and how lucky she is to enjoy such a wonderful place to visit!
I'm jealous too - how sweet.

"It is raining here in Georgia."

Looks like they are having a wonderful time! Thanks for the smile!
Gay Paree has that special aura different from other cities. It's difficult to forget being there! Nicely Dr Jim!

What fab photos!She looks a happy little girl and what a experience for her!
I'm jealous too - but lovely to see their enjoyment.
Well then you need to go too. You're in England all the time. I'm just saying.

Have a fabulous day. :)
The photos are so lovely, Dr Jim. The crepe is very delicious :)

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