Friday, June 28, 2013

Feline Friday

Cat in Hiding

This white cat didn't want any part of me or my camera.

At San Antonio I found him sneaking around
in and around the bushes.  We were just leaving
after supper but I only had a doggy bag. 

Had it been a cat bag I would have fed him.

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I was traveling and eating.

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Awww...poor thing. I would have fed him/her out of my doggie bag. That's why it was sneaking around. I'm sure many feed this precious baby.

Have a fabulous Feline Friday. ☺
Really, Sandee, I would. But I for real didn't have a doggie bag. I ate all my food, it was sooo good. The best part was WHITE CHILI which wouldn't be good for cats anyway.
poor little kitty, makes one want to always have kitty treats in a pocket or purse! Have a lovely day!
shy cat.
The cat was in stealth mode.

Have a great weekend!

Oh, poor little kitty! I hope it has or finds a home!
Masters of disguise - apart from cat. He thinks no-one will see his white with bits of black big furry coat as he sneaks across the lawn!!
The cat managed to hide so well, Dr Jim :)

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