Thursday, July 25, 2013

10 easy tricks to avoid vacation weight gain - Health - MSN Healthy Living

I haven't read this yet but it should be good.

(Red Velvet Cake made by Mrs. Jim and KP)
So far on my holiday (three weeks) I've lost two more pounds so am down to a 12 pound loss total.  I should keep it that way. 

We walk a lot more than we regularly do.  Also we don't have ice cream for a bed time snack.  And eat only one large meal a day but that's all I hardly ever eat.

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Way to go on those 12 pounds. That rocks. It's not that difficult to eat properly and exercise during your vacation. We worked out one hour each morning on the treadmill on our Hawaii cruise and then made good food choices and we did fine. Didn't gain anything.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Cakes! I love cakes ;o)
You have lost 12 pounds on your vacation - you are bad!
That red velvet cake looks decadent!
12 pounds, what an accomplishment! Yay for you!!! Oh boy, that Red Velvet Cake sure does look good. Me want some! :P

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Don't worry 'bout linking up. I understand. Just do what you want. My thoughts are maybe...just maybe if people link up then it'll drive a little extra traffic to their site. We'll see where this go. I don't want to get too bogged down with blogging. I have soooo much catch up work to do and soon I'll be kicking my exercise routine into over drive. The good thing is while I was sick, I lost weight. The down side is I also lost muscle and since leaving the hospital I have put some of the weight lost back on. Not bad, mind ya, but I would like burn away some of the fat off my tummy.

Have a good weekend and keep up the good work on your weight loss!
Wow! The cake is very yummy, Dr Jim :)

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