Friday, July 12, 2013

A Random Five post [011] — Youngest Granddaughter Day

my Five things

One:  Four-year-olds-to-be-in-July can learn to play golf.  This is our granddaughter, KP, again.

She has gone to the driving range with her father.  When not doing that she practices on her swing at home here in her garden.

Two:  Our KP has been needing some press here.  Seems as I have been neglecting her as of late.

We had a nice time at the playground.  She will swing for hours if someone will push her.  Smart girl.

This is a nice neighborhood park for her to play in.  Things there and the surroundings are very pretty.  And there are cooler shady spots for the older ones when they start getting hot from all that pushing. 


Three:  What kind of car is this?
This was the first one I had ever seen to know what kind it was.
Hint:  It was produced between 2005 and 2009 by an American company for an overseas market. says that it is a Chevrolet Tacuma MPV (05 - 09).
Four:  We went to church Sunday at the "All Souls Church." The church was so packed that the people coming in just on time were ushered to the overflow area. That area I believe had better air conditioning than the sanctuary and the balconies.

A student minister preached the sermon from Joshua. It was very inspiring. Joshua was a new generation action fellow who trusted God on His promises. The earlier generation did not and so were not allowed to cross the Jordan.

The student preacher made it very visual as to how the waters stopped and the Israelites crossed the River Jordan on dry land. And it is all in the Bible, Joshua Chapters Three and Four.

Five: One cannot leave a bicycle in one place for very long.  This one stayed too long, take look at it's back tire.

Yesterday I saw only a rear tire chained to the pole.  I am not sure this is right as there seems to be ample designated places for one to park his bike.

Below are a couple of nice bikes, one on the street (left) and the other still in the store.  The latter seems to be a high dollar bicycle, being a Lotus brand carbon fibre model. (More on Lotus bicycles link)

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my grandson will be four in July as well :) July 23 and yes he could swing for hours too! : )
I think I would just like an old touring bike to ride around the farm -- kind of like Butch and Sundance.

Cute lil' granddaughter Jim! I'll keep my eye out for her at the US Open in about 20 years. :)
Perhaps she will be the next Tigress woods.
Golf is such an expensive sport, think I'd teach her how to play something cheaper, lol. Nice though that she and Dad can spend time together like that. Father and Daughter time is cool.
Your granddaughter is a cutie! How sweet that she wants to play golf with her dad!
Great photos of KP and Mrs J. I guessed it was a peugeot or renault, I was wrong! ;-)
I SO Enjoy Joshua Stories!!! Even thinking about them - that YOU got to hear about the people and their crossing into New Life - makes me happy.

That little lady looks every inch a remarkable princess.

Happy Friday!
Cute GD!!! Now who would steal a wheel???!!!
Your granddaughter is cute and sounds like she is following day in his footsteps.. We really have to trust these days..Lots of craziness. I'd be lost without my Lord..
cute post... have a great weekend. ( :
Your granddaughter is adorable, and active too. That's a good thing for children to be active and healthy! :)

No idea what kind of car that is. I only know how to put gas in mine, lol. Sometimes i see a car in a parking lot, and think to myself, oh i love that. But i have to look closely to see what kind it is, because i've no idea from a distance.
Kp is very cute.

That back tire on the first bike picture is interesting.
What is an All Souls church? And your granddaughter is soooooooooooooo cute. sandie

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