Friday, July 26, 2013

A Random Five post [013] — I didn't do it !

my Five things (I did not do)

One: I did not go to Brighton on Tuesday.  Going to Brighton Beach is something I had been wanting to do for a long time. In fact it was my idea to go now. But when it came time to go I decided I would not go. Mrs. Jim, KP, and Billy went and had a lot of fun. I might go later, we will see.

On the minus side, the water was cold (Texas Gulf Coast beaches are warm and have spoiled us), there wasn't any sand, and it was supposed to rain.  Well, it didn't rain and the Brighton Pier rides were nice.  The food was nice too, the kids had fish and chips.

I stayed home and made myself a halibut (baked and breaded) sandwich with cheese, mustard, and lettuce.  It was really good.  I also had a cod fish cake and some musk melon.

Two:  I was going to do a mustard test before I left home but I didn't get it done.  I was going to test French's against a store brand (Kroger).  The Kroger was wonderful on hot dogs.

Karen and her friend from Houston went to Paris last weekend.  The brought me this Maille Chablis Moutard (mustard), to confuse me with the others.  But she said I couldn't take it home because it wasn't sealed, it was just poured into the jar and closed with a cork.

I had bought another jar which will seal to use while we were here.  It was a Maille Original  that I got at our neighborhood Tesco, which is the largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom (Wikipedia).

Three:  I wasn't very close when T.H.E .. B.A.B.Y came home from the hospital but I did get these nice pictures.


Four:  I wish that I could give our Katrin (toy poodle) a hug but I can't.  The next best thing we did was to Skype her.  She seemed to like that but also seemed a little subdued. 

Katrin has kidney problems and will have to take a big blue pill, horse-pill-sized, every morning an hour before her breakfast.  In the picture with the blue, her bed had slipped down between the car seats and she went down with it.

Five:  I didn't bring any tweezers and Mrs. Jim left hers home.  That means I haven't pulled any nose hair out since we've been here. 

Perhaps I won't have to though as I found a nice pair of scissors with a little steel ball on the end of each blade.  That keeps me from cutting my self.  I may never pull another nose hair.

Something I did do:  I had a hot dog before I left.  On July 3rd, for Independence Day (on July 4).  That was good because July is National Hot Dog Month.  Have you had your hot dog this month?  See mine here on Wednesday's Jim's Little Blog (link). Maybe better than this fish and chips and mushy peas.

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You are so lucky to have been there for the birth of George - I love that stuff. Still having fun!
Jim -- nose hair -- TMI (too much information!) Lol.

In regards to your comments: I haven't cut my hair for over 10 years, so cutting it short for the sake of the bangs likely won't happen. And I don't think Mrs. Jim is too old to spike her hair -- never too old for that fun stuff in my opinion!

My parents are both Canadian-turned-U.S. citizens and are first generation Americans. Mom and one sis live in Bellevue, one in Omaha and one in Arizona.

As far as photography styles, to each his or her own. Obviously we all enjoy our own thing when it comes to post-processing. Makes life interesting I think.

Lastly, The August Break is a yearly meme where you can just post a photo a day, without any words. It's not an actual blog break. I just posted the information for anyone who might want to have a change of pace for August.

Have a lovely day!

I love mustard and enjoyed reading about your mustard adventures. I agree with the Crone ... nose hair TMI! :D
Tell Mrs. Jim to go for it and spike her hair. I bet Katrin misses you. Fun to be in England for the big baby news.
LOL Nose Hairs
As to mustard and hot dogs my favorite dog is a chili dog. And that reminds me that I had a post written about diner dogs and never posted it. It is in my drafts folder and learn something new every day...national hot dog month!!? I will have to post my diner dog soon!
You made me laugh hard about that nose hair, Sir Jim!

The hotdog looks delicious, Sir.

And by the way, I like looking at your pictures - so personal. It gives me this feeling that I am there in your country too and you are touring me ;o)
Did you know the Mustard seed for the French Dijon mustard comes from Saskatchewan , Canada, really ;-). I've had my hamburger for the year with bun and no hot dog yet! That water in Brighton beach burns your toes it is so cold (exaggeration maybe) so wise to have stayed behind eating good things. I am not on the link cuz linkzy doesn't like me ;-( so I gave up! Continue having a wonderful time!
funny about the mustard. we had seen something recently on frenchs and just when i went to the store this week, i picked up frenchs instead of the kroger brand i usually use lol
Katrin looks like a sweetie. I love dogs as much as cats. I'm asked often if i'm a cat or a dog person. I always say both. I get odd looks because we have four cats and no dogs. It's just that the kitties are here, we have a small house, and we'd have to have a dog who gets along with all four. (Two of our cats were strays and starving when they found us.) We only meant to have two.

I am happy about The Baby! I don't care for the name George though. Too old fashioned. But i get that Kate and William don't care what I think. lol. But i suppose they couldn't go with anything like Dakota or Chance.
Poor Katrin off the seat with her bed! It's hard to beat French's mustard, though I do like a spicy brown sometimes. I can't say I ever had mustard on fish. Ah, the Royal Couple +1. Sweet family, wish them all the best.
Skype with Katrin! HaHa! This is so cute, Dr Jim :)

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