Friday, July 12, 2013

Feline Friday -- Amber

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[Partially reposted from October 1, 2008] This is Karen's cat, Amber. It was sleeping on her bed, just minding it's own business.

Karen is a little mischievous sometimes, this time she put the cover on thinking Amber would wake up and get up. That didn't happen, Amber wiggled and settled in for the finish of her nap.

Amber was rescued from Karen's friend. The cat was used to being a house cat but for some reason that I can't remember Amber was required to become an outside cat.  Amber died in December, 2012.

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The cat looks so cute and comfy. Sorry to hear that she passed away.

Have a great weekend.

Cats can sleep wherever they want. Too cute. I'm sure she had a wonderful life with the two of you.

Have a terrific Feline Friday. :)
She is adorable!
There is nothing a cat loves more than a soft, snuggly place to nap... preferably where the humans want to be!
My cat, Simon, (who is in moggie heaven too) loved under the covers like this and Amber is just as cute! Bless them both.......†
Hello Jim,

What a delightful picture ! That reminds me of a Colette book : the kitty or the cat in english.

awwwww this is adorable! I love this cat! and your Grandaughter is gorgeous! Cheers- have a splendid day!
Cats are amazing they don't seem as hard to handle as dogs. sandie
So cute, Dr Jim :)

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