Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Green and Believe -- Josie's Two Shoes

God made the fields of green. 
I believe green is God's favorite
color.  He loves the reds, the blues,
and the yellows. He loves all
of the mixtures they can make.  
But best of all, God loves the green.

Don't forget all the trees He made,
for they are green as well. 

Those trees are special to Him for
making of crosses and coffins. 
We see His son
was crucified on a tree,
a cross made of cedar
from the tree once green.

His Son had no coffin but His body
was wrapped, then buried in clothes
fit for the rich man, Lazarus.

We though are blessed by God to be
buried in coffins made from
the wood of His green trees.

There it'll rest until His Son, Jesus,
returns. Then the coffin will open
and we believers in His Son, and
in how He happened to die for us
and then rose from the dead,
will leave our coffins and go with Him.

God loves green,
He loves His green world. 
But since Adam, God has deemed
that we, mere men and women,
should care for his world.

We've done the best when
we ourselves benefit from our labors. 
Golf course green with God's 
green grass is planted there 
by agronomists who dedicated their lives
to the keeping of His world green.  

The trees give  shade for His golfers
and places for His squirrels to play.

When left alone, God's green
shares with His Mother Nature's others. 
Fields of Texas Blue Bonnets grow
in place of the unselfish yielding grass,
yellow sunflowers and golden rods
supplant His green with glee. 

We love to ride and ogle His world 
through the forests on the roads man has made. 
There yellow Gerbera Daisies
and Esperanza flowers proliferate. 

Knowing that God can do all this for us
should make us want all the more
and more to be His stewards
for the good of us all, man and God. 

And for sure that this beauty could
only be invented and created by God.
No other way. 
I believe in a good and gracious God.


- This post was written for Two Shoes Tuesday of Josie's Two Shoes. 
- Josie's Directions: Your contribution must be in the form of an original poem, essay, or short story (fiction or non-fiction), and it must be a u piece - not something drawn from your other writings or archives.
- The July 9th writing prompts to choose from are Green and Believe. Have Fun!

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Mr. Jim, this was excellent. I agree with you, even though I don't golf (so I am clueless about that part). I enjoyed this very much. (I still wish I could subscribe by email.)
Well said.
I believe in a good and gracious God too.


Have a terrific day. ☺
Jim, you took my breath away with this one. The finest post of the many great ones I have read here! God loves green... how I love that sentiment, because I love it so much too - and I know that the next time I'm standing on the soft green grass I dream of, or under a canopy of trees, I will smile and think to myself, yes indeed, Jim was right, God loves green! Just like you I believe in a good and gracious God. Thank you for such an uplifting contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday, and I note with a smile that you used not one but both prompts so very well!
Jim I absolutely loved that poem! 'Gods favourite colour' what a lovely thing to say.I know I will always think that now,you made perfect sense
And you got both prompt words in....woohoo :-)
I believe in a very good and gracious God too, Dr Jim :)

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