Thursday, July 11, 2013

"H" is for

Healthy Hors d'oeuvres
[click here to see if I spelled it right]

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Mrs. Jim is an excellent cook.  Here is her table setting ready for the gourmet group's meal.

Before we ate she had appetizers, or hors d'veores.  The deviled eggs are always my favorite. 

See Wikipedia for a rundown of horsd'veores (link).  I learned that there may not even be a meal afterwards.

See Jenny Matlock's blog, "Off My Tangent," for other Alphabe-Thursday "H" entries (link). Bloggers, you may wish to enter there also. 

An aside, I wanted to post all of the pictures that I have taken of my Hot Dogs for my "H" entry. But ...

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Wow, great appetizers. I get hungry looking at these goodies.
That does look so delicious! Deviled eggs are one of my favorites too.
Lovely appertizers.. they look so delicious.

Dominique @Dominique's Desk
Delectable and creative post, photography ~ Delish! for H ^_^

thanks for 'visiting' ~
That looks perfect! I love deviled eggs also...
Some yuumy looking food there Jim. I love deviled eggs.
I just ate lunch. But now I am craving Deviled Eggs :)
So yummy! Deviled eggs are my favorite!
I love deviled eggs!!!
I love deviled eggs and the fruit and the ........... sandie
Wow, suddenly I'm Hungry! What a pretty table!
Mrs. Jim sure sets a pretty table. I love deviled eggs too!
Yummm! What a beautiful setting and time for friends to gather!

Blessings & Aloha!
I love appetizers.

I am not, however, as happy trying to spell that word.

Hooray for deviled eggs!

And hooray for a lovely, appetizing table!

Thanks for linking, Jim!

Yes! Mrs Jim is a very excellent cook, Dr Jim :)

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