Thursday, July 18, 2013

"I" is for

Ice Cream and some others

"I" is for frozen Ice Cream treats -- I like all of these.  Generally I buy what is on sale, eat most all I can, and give a couple to some others.
"I" is for Ice, shaved ice -- I don't know if this works now or not.  It can be trailered.  I am sure it has been restored.  Now it sits at the entrance to my friends old car museum.

"I" is for Little Girls Like Ice Cream -- This is KP.  Our granddaughter is getting to be a big girl now that she is four.  Her birthday was the 16th of July. Milk chocolate is her favorite color, sometimes she has it in a dish and other times she eats it in a cone.

"I" is for Isetta (Got to have a car in my post) -- This, below, is a 1958 Isetta A-300.  It belongs to my friend who keeps it in his garage museum.  Read the sign to learn about it.  (More here: History; Google search link for pictures, articles, and Isettas for sale)

I was in the service in 1957 when the German made models were introduced to the U.S.A.  Being stationed in El Paso, and Army town, I saw quite a few of them being used as a cheap second car.  I had a Sears Vespa Motorscooter for a second car as they sold for less than $300.

"I" is for Ice Cream Store also -- This is where KP got her Milk Chocolate.  The store sell mostly Gelato which is softer and often creamier than ice cream. (Gelato link)
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See Jenny Matlock's blog, "Off My Tangent," for other Alphabe-Thursday "I" entries (link). Bloggers, you may wish to enter there also.

An aside, I wanted to post all of the pictures that I have taken of my Hot Dogs for my "I" entry. But ...

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I love Gelato. Italian I believe. It's mighty good and on a hot day it's even better.

Have a terrific day Jim. My best to Mrs. Jim. ☺
ice cream is great, especially now that it's summer. nice I post.

hope you have a great day.
You could have made me hungry but I just had a bowl of ice cream. :))
That ice cream certainly does look yummy. What a pretty birthday girl.
Ice-creams certainly is a treat for young and old. Relevant at all times. It's even considered a food by some! Yes, the birthday girl is a cutie! Nicely Dr Jim!

Ice cream....yep, that is pretty much the perfect I for this scorching time of year!!!

Great shots for I ~ especially during this Hot Summer! ~ enjoy and stay cool!
I have a real problem with ice cream -- I eat it with abandon! (My Alphabe-Thursday is about ice cream too!!)
The Isetta is a cool car -- I love the door opening in the front and the one you show is a convertible, how cool is that!!
My grandson's birthday is July 17 and he likes ice cream too (just like his grandma)...
We LOOOOVE ice cream in our house. Oh, and gelato. And ice cream. Wow, I think someone needs to run to the store as we seem to be out!
look Jim I do feel bad chastizing you but do you realise we are in a heatwave here in the uk , you compose a brilliant post about icecream and now you haveme drooling thanks pal. seriously I just love icecream, not so keen on the candies made into icecream versions , but give me a cone and I am your
Yum! We love ice cream at my house.
oh the best dessert is always ice cream! :)
OR putting ice cream on or next to desserts such as pie or cake.

This is always the perfect time of year for anything cold...especially ice cream, frozen yogurt, Italian ice, or just a plain ice cube. Have a great week.
Now I have to go out and have some ice cream! I haven't seen shaved ice since I was a kid!
I love ice cream...not a fan of Skinny Cow though. Blech!
Jim I can't think of a better word for I then ice cream. It is my downfall. sandie
I can't have ice cream in the house unless there's a crowd here - otherwise I'd not be able to leave the carton alone until it was empty.
I've never been a huge fan of ice cream!

But I do like gelato!

I need to try that sensitive toothpaste stuff to see if it makes a difference with the cold hurting my teeth!

Really cute pictures on an intriguing and fun blog post!

Sounds like a good time all round, Jim. I just copied the black cat widget. First time I've spotted it on here but I've always liked that cat. :)
Ice cream! So yummy, Dr Jim :)

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