Friday, July 05, 2013

— A Random Five post [010], This and That — Happy National Bikini Day

my Five things

One:  Today is Happy National Bikini Day.  Enjoy.  I don't know who enjoys this holiday the more, women or men.  Ideas?  (link)

Two:  I hope you had a good July 4th holiday.  We had a good week of holidaying, starting with Sunday at church where it was Patriotic Sunday. 

The part I liked best was the asking of the service men and veterans to stand when their branch of service song was played. 

I stood for the U.S. Army Caisson song as  I was in the Army five years, all of it in spent in Texas.  I took eight weeks of basic training in Fort Hood and then went to El Paso for serving the rest of my time at Fort Bliss.  I was drafted for a two year hitch and then re-upped for three more years.  The second duty tour gave me a 43 week Nike (guided missile) Fire Control System Maintenance school where I learned electronics.

Three:  Our subdivision has been recycling a large part of our waste.  Every Friday we can put out the big green barrel full of newspapers, glass and plastic bottles, and a lot of our junk mail with the address labels removed.

The soft drink cans I hold back.  A youngster we know saves them until he has enough to sell.  I generally see his mom at the beginning of the month.  Here is this month's loot.  It makes a good source of spending money for him.

Four:   I often don't get pictures of things that I would like to have a picture of. 

Flying over New York City and Connecticut I would have liked to have had a picture of some 4th of July aerial fireworks.  They were popping up all over but we were not allowed to use electronics yet.  There were a few for the later pictures but I missed their fireworks.  

Another picture that I never get is a picture of lightening.  There was a pretty thunderstorm in the horizon but mine didn't turn out good at all.  I have never been able to take a decent lightening photo.  (I did get a picture of the International Date Line.  Only thing was that it was dark and so there isn't much to see in that picture either.  Link to that post)

Five:  I am considering a new blog, perhaps a daily or odd day or MWF's.  It would be a "Living Web Blog."  I won't do anything rash so don't be holding your breath just yet.  I am sure that Kate will have her baby before it will ever get off the ground if it does at all. But then this blog is almost a Living Web Blog.  A living blog 'would be' fresh every day or as scheduled.  
Mark Bernstein wrote and article about the "Living Web Blog" but Google doesn't recognize that term for me.  Here is an example of Mark's blog, ""

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The church service sounds nice. Good for that young man earning some extra money as early as he can!
You wish you could catch your lightning and I wish I could catch my hummingbird.....
Thank you for serving!

Thank You for this Terrific Blog!!
My husband had that exact thought last night -- what do fireworks look like from the air? I'll have to show him your image. :)
I like the idea of contributing to that youngsters pocket money and recycling at the same time. And me I spent a good portion of an hour trying to catch the dragonflies ;-) Fun Friday post;
The church service sounds lovely. I save my cans for a friend who bought her son's first bicycle with money she got from selling cans. Her son is in colleg now, but we still save for him! I had a lovely 4th and will continue the celebration with god-children this weekend. I've never been a bikini lover -- on me or anyone else. Too much skin and not enough sunscreen!
That aerial picture is awesome!
Looks like you've had a great week. May you and yours have a fabulous day and weekend. Enjoy the bikinis too. :)
Stop by and leave a link to your new blog when you can. I would like to visit you. What will become of this blog? Will you still write it? Have a good weekend Jim.
How wonderful that your church did a Patriotic Sunday! That's a wonderful idea and a great way to say thank you to some of our service men and women. :)

We recycle every Friday too. And we also remove the address labels from the junk mail. You never know what can happen if you leave those labels on! You have a great weekend, Jim. :)
I would have worn my bikini yesterday, but it has been recycled. D

Seriously, I never owned one of those things. Far too costly for such a little piece of fabric. Not to mention that some things are better left to the imagination.
Okay I don't know if I would like to be up in the air where the fireworks are myself. We had a WET 4th of July - so much rain and more coming. Almost have forgotten what the sun looks like! lol sandie
It's very challenging to take a good photo of a lightning. It's so nice to know that you're helping the young man through the drink cans, Dr Jim :)

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