Saturday, July 13, 2013

— Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words:
Showing off my youngest Granddaughter again

Four-year-olds-to-be-in-July can learn to play golf.  This is our granddaughter, KP, again.  Isn't she growing fast (link to other KP posts)

She has gone to the driving range with her father.  When not doing that she practices on her swing at home here in her garden.

Our KP has been needing some press here.  Seems as I have been neglecting her as of late.

We had a nice time at the playground.  She will swing for hours if someone will push her.  Smart girl.

This is a nice neighborhood park for her to play in.  Things there and the surroundings are very pretty.  And there are cooler shady spots for the older ones when they start getting hot from all that pushing. 


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Wonderful pictures! She's adorable. :)
Family time is so lovely. My mother takes a hundred photos of her 8 grandchildren whenever she can.....unfortunately she doesn't have the blogging savvy to share them with the world.

Your granddaughter is beautiful! Happy 6WS!!
Very beautiful!
She's adorable and then some and you're not proud of her one bit. Mrs. Jim isn't either.

Have a fabulous day. :)
Your granddaughter is so cute Jim. Reading your post reminds me of a movie I liked years ago picture Katherine Hepburn playing a golfer, it's was funny.

Happy SWS I can see you enjoy your time, are you still in England ?

Looks like you are having a wonderful time in London to see your sweet granddaughter, and the rest of her family.
What a cutie! Keep those pictures coming.
Lovely pics. She's so pretty.
Dropping by from 6WS
Oh your granddaughter is a doll :o) How wonderful to be able to spend time with her. Thank you for your visit at my blog. We are so happy to be closer to where our children and their families are. I love all the rolling hills and green scenes (fields, forests, creeks, lakes) around our home. I know you mentioend "...except Louisville", but I love driving through the areas in Louisville too :o) With Louisville being as spread out as it is, there are amazing old homes and huge trees tucked amongst some of the most unexpected places :o)

After growing up and moving every two years with my dad in the Air Force and then marrying military, moving about every 3 years, I actually have to say that every place I have loved! It is fun to see and find what is unique and what makes one place a treasure. We lived in San Antonio, Texas. (I think I noticed that you all are in Texas).

Blessings & Aloha!
What a sweet post. She is adorable!
It's a very lovely garden and neighborhood park, Dr Jim :)

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