Saturday, July 27, 2013

Six Word Saturday

my Six Words:
Our Thursday visit to Harrods--Pizza


She ate the whole thing except Mrs. Jim and I had some of the crusts.  It was 9.95£ on the children's menu.  We had thought sure we would end up eating half of it. 
Fooled again by the Hungry Girl.

Six Words Saturday:
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I may be a little late with comment returns -- We are off to Spitalfields Market.

We are back.  We visited with SoulBrush (link) at the Market where she had a booth today to sell some of her pictures.  We, Mrs. Jim, KP, and I, had a nice visit with S. B. and her husband.

Next we went to Little Venice for a barge puppet show.  But they had moved their barge to over  by the Thames in Richmond, an hour away from here.  They traded our tickets for some next Thursday.  We might even stop on the way for a pizza.  If we do, this time we will order two, and probably at the Pizza Express.

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Fast growing kids,these days! Somehow they fill up their tummy easily. Nicely Dr Jim!

That looks delicious! I haven't had pizza in a long time.

Enjoy your weekend, Jim. :)
Wow! Quite an appetite!
Wow - that's a lot of pizza! She must have a very healthy appetite. :)
The whole thing? I thought my boys could eat, that's some mighty appetite
she and my husband could have a pizza eating contest! have a great day! Love your blog!
We had pizza a couple of months ago. It was fabulous. I can't believe she ate all of this herself. Wow.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
That is A LOT of pizza for a little un, Jim :)
I left you a link to my meeting Cathy post in my comments but I never know if you get my replies or not, so I'll leave it on here too, if you don't mind?

Off to see what else you've been up to in the UK.
This is such a wonderfully natural photo of the moment. And making lots of new memories is always perfect I think.
Looks like quite a bit of pizza, there! She sure seemed to enjoy it.

My 6ws is here:
It must have been a very good pizza!

Thanks for your comment on my blog; I left you an answer there.
LOL! You should take her to Anthony's Pizza in Denver. Each slice was like the size of of that whole pizza!
: )
Hello Jim,

Nice programm, pizza and Harrods ! This young girl is very healthy, a good appetite for food it's a good appetite for life. I like this kiss picture, sweet moment to enjoy, they go fast. By the way, I love pizzas too, I hardly find a good one here, the best I ever had were in Rome. But Rome is a little far humm !

Happy (late) SWS !

Good for her!
6 words:
I wish my grandson would eat!
KP is growing up, Dr Jim :)

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