Sunday, July 14, 2013

Succinctly Yours

GMa rued the day she elected to come. A God forsaken place, if it wasn't hurricanes it was monsoons.

And her laundry was on the line today.

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That's what wash and wear clothes are for... ha

Stopped by to say "hi" Jim - good to see a friendly face
hope all is well with you

Definitely NOT a good day to do the laundry! :))
Bugger. I loved this Jim.

Have a fabulous Sunday. :)
Almost a trifecta of tragedies for poor Gma. I guess she should have listened to the weather forecast! I liked your SY story.
And even if she had checked the weather forecast, how often are they right??
She's gonna have problems when she's blown home :-)
:) loved it.. this is exactly what is happening here nowadays -we put the laundry out on the line and then the rains come:)
maybe we should just the clothes that need to be washed out there - they will get washed as well and once the sun does come out, a good dry..
Yes, nothing predicts rain better than laundry on the line. The only thing that's worse is when the weather turns cold and it freezes.
Read about the floods in parts of UK last week, Dr Jim.

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