Sunday, July 28, 2013


That sign reminded Sally of the jolly old days when she used to sell her hair for spending money.

Now she has it rewoven every three weeks.

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Hairnets? I remember those. You sure don't see them much anymore. Well I don't anyway. Cool photograph and yes people did sell their hair at one time.

Have a terrific day. ☺
I remember when I had to wear a hair net, yuk!! Very creative take.
People still their hair, and better yet, many people give their hair away to Locks of Love so that their hair can be made into wigs for children undergoing chemotherapy. Cute story, Jim. I used to get a weave done for highlights in my hair every 6 or 7 weeks, but it got too expensive, so now I just let it be au naturel, gray strands and all.
I used to remember hair-nets! It looked elegant and disciplined then. Current trends may not help as loose hair can be liken to freedom in thinking. That's what ladies these days pride themselves with! Great write Dr Jim!

What a lovely meme, sound like twitter 140 caracters only. Thanks to you I learn something Jim, I had to check my dictionary to see what Woven means to appreciate your entrie. Actually this picture made me think about Proust and his holiday with mum.

I wish you a good week in London (you're still there right ? )

Ouch! It's a sad reminder for Sally, Dr Jim :)

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