Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Two Shoes Tuesday ~~ A Poem


The Fast Learner

It sounded so easy,

Flying Trapeze School.
Just get on-line and pay your fee.
Big Al Lee did that right after
he saw the sign at the park.

First day at school was a lark.
He'd never had so much fun
at the park. Push ups and pull ups
were easy for him,
a body builder from the start.

He wasn't keen on staying
with the others as he figured
he was way ahead.
All this was talk, they even
prodded him to take notes.

But Al Lee never took a note in his
life and wasn't about to do it now.

The day of Safety School
he played hooky. Easy stuff,
he just didn't come to class
as he knew all that already.

His final day of school came
early for him. He climbed
up the ladder and did a few
spins and twirls at the top.

Then along came a big wind
and blew our Al Lee down.
He broke seventeen bones
and had to leave the school.

You see, Al Lee was the only
one to go up that day. All
the others learned not to climb
in the wind at Safety School.
- - - - - -

Poem and Photo Copyright
© 2013 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

- - - - - -

- This post was written for Two Shoes Tuesday of Josie's Two Shoes.
- Josie's Directions: Your contribution must be in the form of an original poem, essay, or short story (fiction or non-fiction), and it must be a u piece - not something drawn from your other writings or archives.
- The July 9th writing prompts to choose from or do both are Easy(4) and Wind(2)

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Yikes on poor Ally. You've got to pay attention.

Very well done.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
He could have learned some safety aspects if he hadn't played truant! Youngsters like him will survive the real world being street smart though! Nicely Dr Jim!

A nice poem. Many 'I know that already' kind of people have to read this.

Greetings from the Philippines! ;o)
A wonderful story with a great message... most often when we think we know it all and have nothing to learn, we are wrong - sometimes dead wrong. Al Lee was lucky to escape with broken bones! This was a great story and a much-enjoyed contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday - thanks, Jim!
This poem brought up some fond memories for me. Many years ago, I taught school at a small Catholic school. The PE teacher there was in a trapeze group, and brought the whole setup to school. The middle schoolers and teachers were able to take trapeze lessons if they wanted, then have a show at the end of the week. I was the only teacher to try it, and I loved it! Of course, when the big show came, the kids did great, and I ended up missing the catch and crashing down. Fortunately, there wasn't any wind that day, so I landed on the net. :)
Unfortunately, I know some people who think things are "easy" and don't pay attention to instructions. It rarely ends well.

I found your comment in my spam folder since you have no reply comment blogger in your address.

No, not a GI shovel but I do have Dad's. This is a brand new full size shovel.

Thanks for coming by.
ah yes...when all else fails...read the directions...Mr Lee was lucky that he only broke a few bones.
Never...ever...take safety for granted.
Great prose Jim.

It's been a long time since I've visited with you, and when I saw your comment on Sue in the Woods blog, I just had to come by and give you a biggo Texas Howdy!!
As one who reads directions and takes notes I don't understand the bravado of people like Al Lee. Although, I have had some mishaps even after reading directions and taking notes.
Humm...Just passing by to say thanks for your share about Paris and since I love poetry, this was for me...I don't think I get all the meaning of it, but I like it.

See you on saturday SWS !!

Should have gone to that safety school.... : )
Ouch! He should have attended the Safety School :)

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