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A Random Five post [014] — Feline Friday — Northampshire Visit

My Five for Today: ...

One:  This is Midnight, may he RIP.  Midnight was my BIL's (Danny's) very good friend and favorite cat. 

But he died in surgery this week. Danny has several cats, another was on my blog for Feline Friday (link) when he was stocking our Katrin from a high perch.

- - - - . . . . . .

Earlier this week we visited with our friends, Graham and Marion, in Northampshire (U.K.).  We stayed two days there. 

We couldn't decide which was the best, their wonderful hospitality, all of the sights they showed us, or all of the good British foods they made or led us to. 

This picture was taken while we had a lunch break.  We were at the Spencer Manor (Princess Diana's home) which we visited with them.  Following will be a three pictures of cats that I found in their home. [You can make any picture larger by clicking on it.]

Two:  This ceramic cat on the left swings in the upstairs bath.  You can see a little of his swing as he hangs from a ceiling light switch.

Three:  Next is Splodge.  He was named that because as a baby he had a dark "splodge" (U.K. for the American English word of 'splotch') on his head between his ears.  I say was because he also has been RIP for several years.  He was Marion's favorite of the litter. 

Two others were 'splodged cats' having grey stripes and splotches.  Splodge lost his splodge while still a kitten. (Google link for images of other "splodge cats")


Four:  These five kittens in their home greeted us at breakfast.  They were all holding toast for us.  With our toast we had jam and filtered coffee.

At various times of the day and with our other meals we also had tea.  Afternoon tea (no picture) was also with Marion's delicious baked goods.  My favorite was her mince meat cake.

Five:  Assorted pictures of eating themes follow.  (Note: this will be my last Feline Friday post and Random Five post for a few weeks as my blogging will be halted for an August break.)


We had American food on July 31 at a Buddies USA restaurant (link).  Mrs. Jim had a nice looking hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and mayo.  The rest of us had hot dogs for the U.S. National Hot Day Month's ending. 

I had this chili dog.  It was very similar to an American chili dog with wiener, cheese, chili, and onion.  With it came a salad, French fries ('chips'), and three Burger King style onion rings. Except that the onion was fried in a German style while U.S. onions are raw and chopped.  It was so good that I didn't even put any French's Mustard on until the last few bites.

I took this picture of their home from the garden (back yard U.S. calls it).  Showing the best is the conservatory.  We ate our meals at the table you can see behind the outdoor bench.  It reminded me a lot of my sun room/sleeping porch that was my evening bed room while I was growing up on the farm. 
This is my plate that was our final meal, supper, before we left for home.  Marion had made a meat pie served with steamed broccoli and carrots.  We like the English meat pies.  Shepherd's pie is the most famous and it is made with ground lamb. 

I'll end with this group of pub pictures.  The night before we ate at the Jolly Inn. Shown is the bar which is a test to see if we can be seated before stopping there for a drink order.

We all stopped at the bar.  I had a fish pie made primarily with salmon and other vegetables.  I was also served dish of vegetables as a side and shared with Graham his 'chips' (very delicious French fries).  Mrs. Jim had the special, Marion had a duck leg, and Graham had a steak.

The Jolly Inn Pub front and back.  The pub was along the highway leading into town (or going out) and behind it was a pasture.  It was time for the cows to come home for eating and milking.  If you make this picture larger you might be able to see a couple of the little calves following along.

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well Jim you've just made me hungry! I love British pubs and their food. Your trip is sounding like lots of fun-and what a fun way to share your adventures-
Cute cats and great looking food, what time did you say dinner was? lol!
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Midnight. Hugs & peace to all who loved him.
Great post! You always say & do interesting things.
Love the pictures of your travels, the little pub looks darling even from the outside. Looks like you're having an awesome time. I've always heard England didn't have good food, that everything is over cooked and bland....but your pictures tell a different story. Enjoy your travels, and be safe.

Sandy for Random 5 Friday
Enjoyed seeing the kitties and reading about all of them. You've made me hungry! Looks like you and Mrs. Jim are enjoying yourselves. Carry On! ;)
All the kitties! So cute!
Love the photos you have also succeeded in making me hungry too heheh!, I love seeing photographs of life up north as I am in central London

Have a splotchtastic weekend
Sorry Midnight needed to go "home" so soon . . (It always seems they are called home too soon, doesn't it?)

Happy August Break!
So sad about the cat that didn't survive surgery. It's a shame. Lots of cats in this post and lots of delicious looking food too. Now I'm hungry.

Have a fabulous Feline Friday. :)
Jim! It's only 10:30 am, and i want lunch! I think a chili dog or a giant chili burger with onion rings. Lol. NOT good for my diet. But it IS Friday after all.

I'm so sorry about Midnight. So hard when we lose our animal friends.
oh so sad about our kitties who leave us far too soon. But the had happy lives with all of ou!
I miss British Pubs! Nothing beter and the food is so tasty! Cheers! Enjoy your August break- we will miss you!
You certainly get around and so fun to see photos of your adventures...
so sorry for your loss. i know it is so tough for you.

fun shots. those clouds at the american diner look very stormy. hope you were safe & sound. take care. ( :
What a nice visit. I am happy you took me along with you in your post.
That's such a shame about you BIL's cat.

Thanks for sharing this week Jim.
This is the 2nd time I saw a hotdog sandwich in your blog, Sir Jim. It has been ages since I had my last one. I guess this is a sign that I have to get one soon.

Hotdogs: Abelle, come and get us.
Abelle: Oh, hotdogs. I will.

Btw, why an 'August break'?

Happy blogging! ;o)
Such wonderful photos and adventures you share, Jim! All of this looks wonderful, and reminds me of a time I lived in Germany, long, long ago. I am sorry for your friend's loss of Midnight, we are never ready to say goodbye to our furkids. I hope he had a long and happy life!
Hello Jim, apparently your stay Northampshire was delightful, so the british is not a legend after all ? Smiles !!! I love this ceramique kitten. Well I will take my august break next week, I'll miss your posts.

So, Jim, I just found you and now you are going on break. And I am going to have to go down and creat an American style breakfast because you got my juices running with all of your pictures. Love your kitty pics ... sorry they are RIP. That is the hard part of having a pet ... we usually out live them. But, when you get to my age, I have to think about whether they will out live me and is that fair to the pet? Oh my, old changes many things in our lives ...

Andrea @ From The Sol
The beautiful memories of Princess Diana will live on. Glad you visited Spencer Manor, Dr Jim :)
I really enjoyed this - not so sure about the food - would have to taste it! I would love to go there.

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