Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lost in Leister Square -- Two Shoes Tuesday (Lost and Habit)

Not exactly lost though as we are just in front of the M&M Store.  Some of these people I will show here may be lost before it is all over.

They are waiting for a glimpse of One Direction members.  Some have been waiting for three days now.

Headlines say: London's Leicester Square ahead of the premiere of new documentary One Direction (Link 1 BBC Live)(Link 2 Googled).

We came down town (London) to eat at the Five Guys Restaurant.

 It just happened that when we got off the Tube at Piccadilly Circus and headed up to eat we ran into this bunch waiting at Leicester Square.


The picture at the center shows a little of what these 'lost' people were waiting for.  The beige umbrella originated from inside the barrier just as I was taking the picture.  I moved it once and it came back before I could take my picture.

I moved it again and this time it was let go.  I held it up and took another shot which I didn't used here as it was poorer quality.  After that I gave it back and said to the unknown and unseen owner, "Thank You."  That owner still unseen but sounding like a young female, replied, "You are welcome." 


Click on the right hand picture to read the sign, "Information for Fans."

We finally made it to Five Guys for our American style meal.  Mrs. Jim had a grilled cheese sandwich and I had a BLT.  We shared a large order of Fries (not chips) and each had a Diet Coke.  The soft drinks came from the new red drink machines like we have in all the BK's (Burger Kings) in Texas.
There was a short line but not bad for almost two in the afternoon.  Oh yes, there were free refills on the soft drinks like in most all of the U.S.  Eating here very much could get to be habit forming on one.   The burgers were just like those in the States except that wouldn't really be a treat for us.  Hot dogs are just around the corner.

This is a picture that I enlarged from the Five Guys picture above.  Clicking on it will make it larger still.  Karen, Mrs. Jim, and KP were in the outside line (queue) waiting to order.  Billy was just getting settled and I was taking the picture.

The August 20th writing prompt words to choose from "Tuesday Two-Shoes" are Habit and Lost. Josie Said, "Have Fun!"  (link)

P.S. We are back to London now from our wonderful Princess cruise from Venice to Athens via the Black Sea and Istanbul.

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No one really looks lost, but this is a fun post. Just what you were going for.

Have a terrific day. ☺
What fun! I didn't know Five Guys is international. We have one just down the street from where I work.
I think I could quite happily get lost on your travels with you, Jim! It sounds like a wonderful habit to me! :-) This does look like good fun, and I'm guessing that a bit of American fare was kind of nice. Now we'll be eagerly waiting for photos from the cruise! Thanks so much for taking time out to join us for Two Shoes Tuesday, I appreciate you! Enjoy the rest of your time there with family, KP is growing up so fast!
sounds like all had a great day
It looks like you lost yourself in some fun times there! You do have a habit of doing that! It looks like everyone had a good time.
LOL, they have a Five Guys in London now too! I read the information sign for fans of One Direction. I think it's nice of them to care about their fans so much. Sounds like you had fun, glad you are back! : )
I never heard of Five Guys but I do envy you the rest of the trip! It looks like fun! Cant wait for another installment!

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