Friday, September 13, 2013

A Random Five post [017] — This and That

My five things today
One: My sister (Lois) and BIL (also a Jim) who live in Iowa are stuck in a motel at Estes Park, Colorado.  High water did them in.  The only places they can reach for food is MacDonald's, Safeway (grocery store), and another breakfast/lunch restaurant place. 

The river is flooding so they can't get into town any farther and the canyon road is closed and probably washed out so they can't come home.  Good thing Lois likes MacDonald's. 

The dog is Adi, our beagle dog.  She died September 17 of last year.  Adi and I were a Pet Therapy team.  She would be loving Lois now, she really was good with older folk.  Jim and Lois I am sure would rather be sitting on their front porch again today, with or without Adi.  But the scenery where they are is great!  The motel also abuts a golf course but then it is too wet to play now.

Two:  For Labor Day we ate at Luby's.  Mrs. Jim wanted BBQ so that is what we ordered to share.  The portions, ribs and sausage, were fairly large but it didn't meet up to Texas standards.  Good thing the side salad I had created was really great.
Three:  It is good to be home from London.  We were gone eight weeks and one day.  I can now enjoy our Community Coffee again.  Of course the English Hob Nob Biscuits (Americans call them cookies) can't be matched here.  We brought home three packs of these.
Four:  Another London picture (left). 
Granddaughter, KP, loves to ride shotgun on the big red double decker buses.
Five:  And how about a three generation picture?  From left to right are Mrs. Jim, Karen (daughter), BP, and KP (two granddaughters).  I can't remember where we were so of course I don't know what the background picture is all about.
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Howdy, I hope your sister and bil will be okay. Eeek that is awful.
Love your photo of the 3 generations, and they all have the SAME face. Say 'hi' to Mrs Jim and KP from me.
the flooding in colorado is just horrible ... hope your sister and bil find their way home soon. welcome home! wonderful family shots -- especially 3 generations.
I just saw the news about colorado earlier this morning! I hope they ( and everyone ) will be alright!

Lovely 3 generation picture!! :)
Feel for your relatives in Colorado -- as well as others there dealing with nature's fury.
Hi Jim. I'm so glad your family is safe. That's some scary stuff. I was in Alberta in June with similar water problems. I've just come back from 2 months in England myself. I miss hobnobs and especially Jaffa cakes. Lovely family you have. Lovely photos. :)
ah sorry about Adi ;-(, all this flooding is crazy-at least they are still in their own home that has got to be a good thing. I LOVE McVities's digestives, and can get them here during the high English tourist season LOL. Such a sweet photo of the 'girls' ...
I hope your sister and BIL will get out of Colorado safely soon. It's really bad there. I've a friend that lives there and he's says it's awful.

I know how much you loved Adi. I'm so sorry.

Okay, now I'm hungry. Go figure.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)
You have so very many wonderful things happening here. I hope your sister and hubs will be okay. Love the pictures of all your family - so sweet sandie
Lots of stuff going on in our big world..So you are home..enjoy and rest before your next adventure..
Beagles have a special place in my heart! I bet Adi was a real sweetie!!

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