Friday, September 27, 2013

A Random Five post [019] — Feline Friday — Venice to Athens via the Black Sea [003 Istanbul, Turkey, part I]

My five things today
One:  Feline Friday's Turkish cat is a fine specimen from Istanbul. Turkish cats are of two breeds, Turkish Van (link) and Turkish Angora (link), both long haired cats.  This one is a Tabby cat and is not of Turkish original ancestry by breed.  He probably is a street cat but he was very tame.

Two: Next after leaving Split, Croatia, we had two days at sea. Mrs. Jim, KP, and I went to the cruise juggler/magician's (The Juggler's) class on juggling on one of our afternoons. KP learned how to spin a plate on the end of a stick while Mrs. Jim learned to juggle three balls.

One morning at breakfast in the upstairs buffet KP and I noticed The Juggler sitting by himself on the east side dining area by a large sea side window. We talked with him a little and then he asked us to sit and eat with him. That made KP very happy as he was one of her favorites on board. And it was mutual, The Juggler was taken in by KP and her talents.


Three: Our next stop would be Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul is located on both sides of the Bosphorus strait. Most of the Old Town, Istanbul is on the southeast side of the strait but there is plenty on the northwest side also.  That, towards the south end was where this summer's demonstrations were held.

Four:  We spent two days in Istanbul.  The first day in the morning we went to the Hagia Sophia Museum.  At one time it had been a Greek Orthodox church and later a Roman Catholic church.   Then from May 29, 1453, until 1931 it became a mosque. It was then secularized and opened as a museum on 1 February 1935 and has remained the Hagia Sophia Museum since (link).

Five: Later next on our morning adventure was a self guided tour of the Blue Mosque.  For that the ladies needed covering and both men and women needed to have their knees covered.  There were bins of clothing so we could accommodate these religious wishes of respect. 
We made it fine back to the ship by taking the tram.  After lunch we would visit two Turkish castles and take a Bosphorus Strait cruise though Istanbul.  I will post about those next week if not sooner. 
For Saturday, tomorrow's post, I will show some of the "Dogs of Istanbul." That will be with shades of Mark Twain's book, "Traveling with Innocents Abroad."
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Beautiful take Dr Jim! It certainly was a great journey. Great pics you got here too! Looks real fun! Thanks for sharing!

Great post, very interesting! Have a wonderful weekend, and happy Feline Friday Jim!
looks like a wonderful vacation
Love the photo of the juggling Mrs. Jim -- good for her! :)
I used to have a Turkish Angora. She was amazing. Mr. Jim, you need a cat to call your own. And there is a cat who needs you!
Wonderful post. I'm liking this *armchair* traveling! Thanks for taking us along.
Plate Spinning! A talent one may need later in life, for sure. I wonder if a Turkish cat could find the way to my house . . if it did, i would make it welcome.

Happy Adventures! Happy Friday!!! Thank you for taking time to share with us.
A pretty cat indeed and tame makes it even better.

Have a fabulous Feline Friday. ☺
that cat kinda looks my late harvey.
great travel shots and stories- love the kitty too! Cheers!
Nice post enjoyed the photos

Thanks for stopping by have a tanfastic weekend ;-)
enjoyed looking at your post
I was wondering if you had a nice time on this leg of your trip and it looks like you did! Thanks for sharing Jim. :)
Wonderful photos! I see McDonalds and Burger King are everywhere. Lol. And i love your photos of the pretty kitty!

I would love to see Istanbul someday. Especially the old parts and the Mosque. It seems like a fascinating city for sure. :)
Wonderfull post, greeting from Belgium
Wow! Mrs Jim and KP are so clever, Dr Jim :)

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