Monday, September 02, 2013

Awww Monday (September 2, 2013) [# 01]


What was she seeing?
to see, click here
What was she thinking?
to see, click here
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She is so cute. I believe if she really wants to be an astronaut, she will do it. Just like she wanted ice cream, and got it.
Cool Beans!
I think she is looking at her grandma and grandpa leave!
I think an adorable little granddaughter trumps a cute animal pic any day Jim. I suspect she has wrapped herself pretty tightly around your hearts! :-) This looks like a fun outing, and an astronaut is a pretty cool thing to want to be! Me, I'd be in it for the icecream that followed! :-)
When she is old enough to be an astronaut there might be ice cream in space. Best of all worlds.
Awww. I can see why she had that first expression indeed. That was a lot to take in.

I liked the ice cream treat the very best.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday all week long. ☺

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