Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dogs of Constantinople — Six Word Saturday —Venice to Athens via the Black Sea [003 Istanbul, Turkey, part II]

my Six Words
I loved Twain's "Dogs of Constantinople"
"... dogs," he said, "I feel them everywhere ..."  We did too!!
Twain felt sorry for them in a way and admired them in another way.  He told of a Sultan who once tried to kill them all off.  That was unpopular so his efforts to rid Constantinople of the stray dogs failed.
Another time he tried to ship them all to an island.  Not a problem there until it came back that the dogs never reached the island.  Somehow they all "fell" overboard on their way.  Sounds like in our 'old' Army when a footlocker falls on a belligerent trooper or he falls down the stairs.

The dogs were laying all over Istanbul, on the sidewalks and, like the two above, in the grass.  I have copied Twain's Chapter 22 of my old 50¢ find on eBay (link to my post about that), Traveling with the Innocents Abroad; Mark Twain's Original Reports from Europe and the Holy Land.  Read it here if you wish.

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That was interesting!

I am being a "lazy dog" today too! I haven't even gotten dressed!

But is Saturday and I am enjoying my blog reading! :)

Hope you will enjoy your Saturday too!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
vivinfrance ~~ posted at Sat Sep 28, 12:14:00 PM 2013

Another journey I'm unlikely to take. Have a good week.
restlessjo ( ~~ Sat Sep 28, 11:49:00 AM 2013

It all sounds a bit depressing, Jim, but I'd love to visit Istanbul in person. :)

Sandee ~~ Sat Sep 28, 10:06:00 AM 2013

Well, some still treat dogs horribly. What a history lesson. Thanks.

Have a terrific weekend. :)
oh poor puppies- very sad- I have seen this in Mexico and Spain also.....
Very sad. The book sounds interesting though.
Well that book was very sad. Glad I didn't live back then. Hope it is better now.
The ones in your photos are certainly sound asleep - but don't look all that thin, nor mutilated. May we hope their lot has improved since Twain's day?
Ditto to all of the above. I'm rather fond of four legged friends.
very sad book...interesting though.

hope you have a great rest of your weekend~
Poor dogs! Do they not have animal shelters, or anywhere to keep, or control them? Why are there so many dogs? If the citizens care about them so much, why do they find a peaceful way to keep them off the streets? Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading from Twains book. : )
There are so many stray dogs around.
I just visited your cats so had to come see the dogs. Too funny, my old dog is laying here on the floor beside my desk sound asleep!

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