Saturday, September 14, 2013

Six Word Saturday

my Six Words:
These bathtub toys, new to me
I think I can figure them all out. 
What do you think is caught with the rod and reel?
Six Word Saturday: .
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Hint:  Magnets

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This wouldn't be your granddaughters bath things would it. I'm thinking probably.

Have a fabulous day. :)
Dino! They caught Dino! :)
No bathtub is complete without a rubber duck . . . or two!
I think you catch either the soap, or the face flannel with the rod and reel!
Hook a duck, of course! Love the bath mitt.
Have fun, Jim :)
Hmmm... Maybe beneath the bubbles of the tub is hides a wishing well filled with magical magnetic coins waiting to be hooked!
It is to hook the fish in the tray right next to it!
My six words - This has been a rough one.
Wot! You've never had a plastic duck? I like the glove-puppet gant, which is what the French use for a face flannel!
We've the rubber duckie which is on the left in the photo, Dr Jim :)

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