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Feline Friday ~~ Cats of Greece [ 01]
My Five Things Today

[One] These kittens were running "wild" atop the little mountain at a monastery stop in Meteora, Greece.  

Our ship was docked in Volos, Greece, and we had bussed up to here.  Oh, yes, there was a little climb for visiting these.
[you can click on the pictures for a more viewable size]

[(still) One] The last picture shows where we were.
[Two] I celebrated my birthday this week with the help of friends, family, and Mrs. Jim.  My birthday was October 30 but our family spreads the birthday stuff out for a few or many days.  Above was on the 29th, when we played Texas 42 with these friends.  Our host had baked a birthday cake for me.

[Three]  Some of the family joined me for supper on the 30th at our local Papadeaux Seafood Kitchen restaurant.  I had a fried catfish poboy, a salad, and cheesecake.  My grandson-in-law took the picture.  His wife (my oldest of four granddaughters), the next oldest granddaughter, my youngest son (he is single, ladies), a great-granddaughter, Mrs. Jim, and my older daughter all came to help.


[Four] On the 31st, Halloween Day, I drove a friend to his doctor's appointment in the Woodlands.  He was not allowed to drive as he had a pacemaker installed during the weekend after having a heart attack.
On the way home we stopped to check on his toy (an airplane, not pictured) and a hanger he is building.  This toy, a 1928 Piper Cub, belongs to a friend.  His other toys were two more airplanes, three antique cars, and an old motorcycle.

[Five] That evening, the 31st, we went to the University of Houston(stats and schedule)/South Florida University football game.  My Houston team won, 35-26.  They now have seven wins with one loss (7-1).
Mrs. Jim treated me to the game for my birthday.  It was very festive due to it being Halloween night.  Many of the spectators Houston college performers and help were in costume.  There were several categories for costume dress.   
Held at Reliant Stadium in Houston, the stadium is also home to the Houston Texans.  There was some concern that we might not be able to get into due to the heavy rains we had on the 30th and 31st.  But it had stopped by game time and we weaved through the streets that were open.  Some neighbors where we live measured over seven inches.
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Awww, cute kitty.

What a great birthday you had and the cruise looked like lots of fun too.

Have a purrfect Feline Friday. :)
Happy Happy Birthday!! cute cat shots. ( :
Gotta Sing...♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday Dear Jim,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪ I hope it's a great one!
Have a great weekend. Love the Cub!

What a fun idea to go to a football game on Halloween. Glad the weather cooperated for you!
Such beautiful cats and they must be used to getting attention ... our feral cats would never let you pick them up. Happy Birthday, Jim. Always happy to make it through another year :)

Andrea @ From The Sol
You always have such a wonderfully diverse life- I feel quite sedate next to you. So glad your birthday was filled with fun and more fun.
Happy Happy Birthday! Love the kitty- and thanks for all the photos you share! Cheers!
Happy Happy to YOU.
Ya know, i see your link and wonder right away - where in the world you are now . .
Lovely, Lovely.
Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!!
Heck, celebrate it every day in October ....
glad you had fun!

Hummm what a treat big Jim...You have a great wife...I try to imagine all the stadium with some freaks or vampire around...Great post as usual...I had a good time here and will be back to see you burning Guy Fawkes.

Jim, I went to Greece years ago and I loved it. I guess it is like a fantasy for me. I remember the beauty there. You are so lucky! And a cat is a cat anywhere - right - you can understand their language.........
Happy Birthday. B
Happy "belated" birthday. Sounds like you had a great time. Wow that view in Greece on top that rock mountain is just amazing & gorgeous. Loved the sweet little kitties too.
Wow! These are very beautiful photographs, Dr Jim. It has been raining heavily in the evenings for the past week over here too :)

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