Saturday, November 09, 2013

Feed the Dog — Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words:

Jim, don't eat the dog pill

I did that once. 

Katrin is on pills now.  In the morning on an empty stomach she takes one Denamarin coated in peanut butter. 

Then at noon and at bedtime, around midnight, she takes a Ursodiol pill, again with peanut butter.

She likes the pills. If one accidentally drops on the floor she will scarf it up.

Both pills are for a liver condition and are used to stimulate the organ.

The Ursodiol pills are compounded specially for her prescription and encapsulated by the local pharmacy (link).

One day at noon, instead of putting her evening pill in with my own night time pills, I ate Katrin's Ursodiol

Above is her evening meal.  Both noon and bedtime meals are baked or boiled chicken thighs and frozen green peas cooked for Katrin.  To this I add 1/3 of a Vienna sausage and a little over 1/2 ounce of finely chopped croutons.  Her noon meal is two ounces of chicken and 1 1/2 ounces of peas. 

If she will eat it I feed her some Purina "Moist & Meaty -- Rise & Shine -- Awaken Bacon and Egg Flavor" dog food for breakfast.  We have her weighed every month when she gets her arthritis shot.  So far she has weighed 12.2 consistently, down from 14.4 before she became ill.  Any changes will result in more or less food.  She does get a few snacks, a huge spoonful of Greek Yogurt at bedtime, and some pieces of a granola bar along with a tiny scrap bite when we clean our plates at the sink.

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I fed a dog once. To my noisy neighbors. Their own incessantly baking dog & they didn't even recognize it.
"Barking" dog.
Baked, though.
I once had to handfeed babyfood to a sick cat. The things we do for our pets . . . :-)
Katrin has a better diet than I do! :) Sorry to hear you took one of her pills by mistake - hope you didn't suffer any ill effects. Love the Snoopy cartoon. :)
Gosh this brings back a scary moment for me. In that half sleep that I often had when delivering my dog's thyroid medicine, and it has been stolen from one of the other dogs too, as they desired the treat that I had it hidden in. BE CAREFUL Jim! Oddly enough I had to give it to her every morning and each evening, for the last seven years, and even though she went to doggie heaven in August I still get the thought, Oh gosh must give Lady her pill!
Goodness, your dog eats better than I do! Now, you stay out of Katrin's medication!
We take great care of our Little Bit too. They are part of the family and we do what needs to be done to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. It's the least we can do.

Have a terrific day Jim. Scritches to Katrin. ☺☺☺
I love Katrin's bows. Peanut Butter works well for giving our Pipsqueak medicine, too.
I had to chuckle at you accidentally eating Katrin's pill. I hope it did good things for you! :-) How much you both love her is evidenced in how hard you work to make sure she is getting just the right things to maintain her health. I hope she continues to thrive for a long time to come!
Thank you for my big morning smile, Jim :) I love Charlie Brown and Snoopy.
awww aren't you the best! Hugs to everyone- especially Katrin!
She did, Karen. It was the V.A. Hospital at a town that neither of us can remember.

Please be very careful, Dr Jim. You ate Katrin's medicine by mistake. Hopefully, there were no side-effects.

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