Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mind the Signs — Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words:

..... TTexas
..... ..... will
........... ..... start
................. ..... enforcing
....................... ..... these
............................. ..... signs
. . .  

..... Eighty-five miles per hour -- this road? 65-75 if not in town
- - - - - - - - - - - - 
 Fine Print.
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85 MPH? WOW! That's getting fast!
85 mph sounds rather terrifying.
i do like the mailbox on the side of the road, there, right over the culvert. Im not sure who I'd rather not be: the guy who has to brave 85 mph to check the box, or the mail truck who has to fill it...
I can see though here in Minnesota where this might prove to help a few mishaps. The unwritten rule here, but one that drivers should know is that passing on the right side can lead to trouble. But if we all drove as well as birds fly in a v shape, there wouldn't be any mishaps on the roads. As for speed, that is a bittersweet subject. It seems when our signs post 70 mph there are those that see it as 90 or more! Seriously! We have some odd drivers though. Last weekend, Elmo (a real live person in an Elmo Suit) driving a motorcycle passed me ( I was driving 70mph and just before leaving the freeway she (pretty sure it was a girl) ??? gave a quick knuckles to her pal on another motorcycle and then she crossed three lanes to the exit! It was wild!
Oh I would have a heart attack if my hubby were driving 85 with me in the car. And yes...if it is posted as 85, then drivers would be well into the 90's YIKES!

Happy Saturday!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
I drive in the left lane to avoid the slowness of the trucks, whose speed limit is lower. But 85 would be too much for me.
Eight five? Wow, that's a lot. Too much.

Have a terrific day Jim. :)
Even if I disagree with a law, I do feel they should be enforced, or else remove from the law book. I undersand the reasoning vehin the passing lae only but at the same time it seems a waste of costly rad space to only be used for passing.
It all seemed quite restrained on the roads when I was in America last, Jim, but it was quite a while ago. I presume there's a need? :)
I like to drive 85...on the freeway...across the desert here in Utah. But not on the road you depict. Hi, by the way. I'm linking through from 6WS. Don't think I have visited your blog before.
85? God help us, what is the great hurry?! Our little and truck-filled two lane highway is now 75 and serious accidents are occurring on a weekly basis. Innocent lives have been lost. Not to mention that when the speed limit was 70 most felt the need to go 75, now that it's 75 they whiz by at 80, so when it's 85... the what? Where will it stop! I think we all need to slow down just a bit, learn to plan ahead and then breathe and smell the... well the dust out here where I live, but still! What is the point of endless speed limit signs if they are so minimally enforced? We don't need more leeway and laws, we need enforcement of the ones we have!
85? Really? Tell me this is a joke? Here in California the limit is 70mph and folks go 80 already...yikes!
Steer clear and be safe! Cheers!
Those are some roads I wouldn't be walking by and probably not driving on either! That is a recipe for disaster.
It's right lane for passing over here, Dr Jim :)

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