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Pieces of ...

Pieces of what we call THINGS belonging to a child intrigue me.  When I dumped my grandchild's (KP's) bag I found her treasures. 

The white wooden-handled fan was special, it came from a shop in Venice on a very hot afternoon.  Her rainbow-colored  slinky meant just as much to her as it was given to her by The Juggler.  Water, sun screen, and a box of fruit loops are a necessity for her.

What unknown treasure was in the yellow-striped plastic bag I don't know, as too for the little white plastic carrier box.

treasured pieces of grown people -- sail boats?
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What a fun look at this collection of special pieces a little girl holds dear! KP is so adorable and what wonderful experiences she is getting to have in her young life! As for the sailboats, ah yes, as they say, the price of the toys increases with age! :-) Thank you for a bright and cheerful addition to Six Sentence Stories this week, Jim. If KP ever tires of accompanying you and Mrs. Jim on these excursions, I am most willing to step in and take her place!! :-)
I am surprised you got away with raiding those treasures. You must have been very sneaky! Cute post, though.
I almost felt embarrassed looking at her treasures but with my own granddaughter of six I know sometimes they are open and sometimes secretive but most all they are fun. I wonder what they would have found in your pockets at that age Jim? Probably nothing quite so endearing as hers.
HaHa! My niece has colourful pieces of treasure in her bag too, Dr Jim :)

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