Saturday, November 02, 2013

Six Word Saturday

my Six Words:
missing Guy Fawkes Night this year?

Last year we were in London on November 5th and got to burn Guy Fawkes in effigy.  That was a different experience for us.

This year we will not be able to attend.  I will have these pictures to help me remember of the bonfire though.

A lot of work went into the building of this bonfire and it took a while to get it going good.  But when it did that was about all.  Enjoy the pictures, we did (Mrs. Jim and my picture, bottom right).
(What Guy Fawkes is all about, click here.)
We like British tradition things.
[click on any picture for larger viewing size] .........

Jim's Birthday 2013 posts, click here .........
Six Words Saturday:
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Good that you still have the pic for to whet the memory! Thanks for sharing Dr Jim!

ahah! So that's what Guy Fawkes is all about! Enjoy your weekend!
Great pix, especially that beautiful couple at the bottom of the post.
I'm missing one too, Jim :) There was a firework display at the seafront tonight and it's the first time in many years that I've missed it, but we had a busy day already. :)
Guy Fawkes night has pretty much died out in Australia, since fireworks in the hands of ordinary citizens were banned a long time ago. I do remember the bonfires when I was a kid - coinciding with our autumn here, so the eaves made good fires. I liked the sparklers.
Bonfire are great fun! What a lovely photo of you and Mrs. Jim... such a cute and classy couple of kids you are! :-)
What great memories Jim! Very cute pic of you and Mrs. Jim!
Great fun your Guy Fawke's day bonfire and photos of the event!
We had a few fireworks go off in my street last night. Thanks for sharing your memories.
dropping by from 6ws
Hello Dr & Mrs Jim! :) Lovely photos.
I learned new info today since I never heard of this. GREAT photo of u and the missus!! Cool,photos of the entire experience. I can tell how much you two embjoyed this experience.

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